Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Thursday Moda #96: Currently, January 2018.

January 2018. Two Thousand Eighteen. I seriously have no idea how I feel saying that word. Not only I find it hard to believe that is a new year, but even harder that the new year is 2018. Like how has it been eighteen years since the millennium started?! For real?! Today's Thursday Moda post is also my Currently post (that I do each month, when I link up with ANNE from Anne In Residence). I have been busy at work so far these first few days of this new year and I don't have any outfit photos edited or ready either. Plus, I only have shot very few outfits lately because it has been anywhere from -25 to 10 degrees here (on a good day). Seriously the last three weeks have been freezing and that is an understatement, hence all the indoor photos by the tree you have seen, too. But on another note, January is very special to my heart not just because a new year starts and we have a chance for a fresh start, but it is my daughter's birth month and Vivian is the most important person in my life. She will be 5 years old this January 19th. This mama wants to cry a little.

starting: (as of tomorrow actually) I am starting to purge my closet. Fresh year, fresh closet - so to speak. I will start with the dresser and the drawers in my bedroom. There is a lot - trust me - a looot more to tackle but one day at a time. I also know there are a ton of clothes I don't wear for a variety of reasons: they don't fit my body, they don't fit my style or life-style, they are not stylish, I don't like them, etc, etc. I think I will be more successful if I tackle some at a time. I am off for the next couple of days so I think I want to get started ASAP. No better time than the present, right?!

hoping: to get as much done tomorrow as possible till the end of this week (in regards to getting rid of clothes and organizing my closet). I know along the way, as I fold up clean laundry tomorrow, I may find a few of Vivian's clothes that need to be given away or purged, too. I am also hoping to take down the Christmas decorations soon. My goal is by next Tuesday, at the latest.

scheduling: a schedule or some type of plan for the blog, I really need to start organizing my time more wisely as far as the blog goes.And I need to plan posts ahead. Oh, but first I need to buy a nice big 2018 planner - any suggestions for a nice planner under 30 bucks?! I am also scheduling and thinking of my next multi-blogger collaboration. Valentine's day is around the corner. I have a few ideas in mind, stay tuned. ;-)

reading: nothing currently, unfortunately. Work has been kicking my butt. The cold has been kicking my butt even more. The busy holiday season triple-kicked my butt. In fewer words I have been super busy, sick and unmotivated. I really hope to pick up a book this weekend. 

playing: nothing myself as I have never been one to do a lot of playing, but I love watching Vivian play in the playroom. I especially love watching her play in her doll castle where she makes up stories and different voices with all of her dolls and Barbies. 

Lastly, here is a walk down memory lane from the past 5 years - that I have shared on the blog - during this time of the year. I always love doing these outfit flashbacks, and you love seeing them too. As I was going through outfits from the posts, I saw some of the same items or themes appear - like a lot of gray and sweater dresses - so let's do a little Remix version of a Throwback Thursday, shall we?!

I titled this post "Pretty Monochromatic Rays of Gray" and I think the title fits perfectly because I am wearing so many shades of gray (and silver). The Slouchy Mid-Calf Suede Boots, Cable-Knit Cowl-Neck Sweater Dress, Scuba Leggings and Velvet Blazer are gray. Also my Long Beaded Crystal Necklace, Mirrored Sparkly Headband, Drop Earrings and a couple of my Rings are Silver. Looking back at this post I want to cry a little because it reminds me that my sweet Vivian was in my belly and she will be 5 in two short weeks. I was 9 months pregnant and truth be told none of my pieces were maternity - I wore very few maternity clothes while pregnant. I also cannot believe how in the world I blogged 33 times this month (on January 2013) since I was 9 months pregnant and then Vivian was born in mid January too. I was off from work though as I started my maternity leave early. I was in a nesting phase and I had a lot of free time in my hands. But, long story short - I loved this outfit and I remember it vividly. It is quite casual and comfortable yet a little dressy and put-together. It definitely looks like I made an effort.

Here is the same Gray Cowl-Neck Dress and the Same Gray Slouchy Boots as the post from 2013 worn almost exactly a year later in Jan 2014th and styled differently. I wore Black Semi-Opaque Tights this time around and instead of a blazer I opted for a Red 3/4-Sleeve Cardigan and a Long Pearl Necklace which I knotted. Staying true to how I style my long hair, I have on a headband, albeit this time I wore a Black Headband with a Tulle Rosette. In this OOTD post I talked about Outfit formulas and how I follow some of these formulas. I was also doing an entire blogging week of leggings and boots on my blog that week. Oh and I blogged 31 times which is pretty much every single day of January. I have no clue how I did it with a little baby. Now, I am lucky if I can get 20 posts a month. But I have learnt over the years that quality wins over quantity and yes that pertains to blogging, too. Don't you think?!

Here I am in "Velvet. Silk. Leather. Wool." OK so the same Velvet Grayish/Silver Blazer by White House Black Market over another grey dress. This Time I wore a Silk (Summery) Silver+Black Leopard Print Sleeveless Dress and to stay warm I added an Wool Blue Marled Infinity Scarf. I am also wearing my Leather Cognac Knee-High Riding Boots and Thick, Fleece-Lined Black Opaque Tights. I accessorized with Bright Red Lipstick, Black Rose Stud Earrings and a Cocktail Ring. You may have noticed that I have worn dresses quite a lot these previous years in January. Well I was living in Tirana in January 2013, January 2014 and January 2015 where Winters are a lot warmer and it might get as low as -3 Celsius (about 10 degrees) on a really bad day but that's about it. I love dresses and when the cold is bearable, no need to sacrifice my dresses and skirts, right?! Oh and BTW, I blogged 23 times that month.

"Anjolee and Snow" is what I titled this post. But a better title would have been: "Anjolee, Snow and lots of Winter Accessories". Now you ask what is Anjolee?! This post was in collaboration with Anjolee jewelry who sent me the Beautiful Silver Ruby Tennis Bracelet I am wearing. Oh and as you can see I have on another Grey Cowl-Neck Sweater Dress but this one has Ivory Stripes and I love the longer knee-length. To accessorize I chose a Bright Coral Infinity Scarf (like the previous year), a Gray Felt Floppy Hat, Gray+Ivory Marled Fingerless Gloves (I need to find and wear soon) and my Chocolate Brown Faux Fur, Warm Bomber Coat. As far as jewelry - besides the Anjolee bracelet - I wore a Gold Pearl Double-Strand Dainty Necklace and Coral Kate Spade Studs to match the scarf. I have on Black Tights and my Comfy+Cute Faux Leather, Flat Black OTK Boots. But since I also wore this outfit to work, I changed into the Kitten Heel Black Leather Booties that I swapped for the office. Now you can tell this is a much warmer look featuring a sweater dress than the previous 3 looks. This is the snow and cold of Michigan after all. I moved back to MI, USA in August 2015. Oh and I blogged 22 times in January 2016 which is only one less time than the previous year.

Yes, I wear a lot of gray in Winter time and in case you didn't already know, gray is hands-down my most favorite neutral color. In this post I showed you "A Gray Sweater Dress from Day to Evening". I am highlighting the daytime look of this sweater dress. This is a very light sweater dress purchased in Fall of 2016 at Target. I loved it so much, I later purchased it in this mauve-ish cranberry shade too. It is also a V-neck style and slightly longer in the back. It is roomy, comfortable and goes with anything. I styled it over my Black Faux Leather Skinnies which were my most worn pair of pants/leggings last Winter and also a pair of Slouchy Boots - I chose my Faux Suede, Navy, Cone-Heel, Slouchy Boots. Last but not least, I added on an Wool-Blend, Teal, Buffalo Check Infinity Scarf from Old Navy. This month I did 19 posts - which is the norm for me, for about a year and a half now - and most of the OOTD pics were inside due to the very cold temperatures obviously. I think out of all my Gray Dresses' Outfits this look and the one from 2016 are tied in #1 place for me. What about you?! 

Coming up in January: a very belated part two of my "Christmas Home Tour", a few Mommy+Mini posts, two more Style Recap posts of my favorite outfits from 2017, several layered bundled-up Winter looks, a couple of Valentine's day Inspired Outfits, a special post on Vivian as well as more of Vivian's Holiday Style, a Style Recap of the Golden Globes and maybe a recap of the Critics' Choice Awards.

Speaking of recaps, in case you missed it, I recapped my #bestnine outfits of 2017 over the weekend - would love for you to check it out! Thanks. =)

Lace, red, velvet, jumpsuits, dresses, mini skirts, sparkle, pleats, fishnets, fun shoes, - oh it must be New Year's! All of my most favorite outfits from last week (when I co-hosted with Shelbee), have all those elements I mentioned, which make them fun and perfect to wear while on New Year's Eve. Thank you for such a successful last linkup of 2017 where close to a hundred of you linked up!
This week's featured blogger is APRIL from April Was Here, a Mommy+Me Style Blogger who actually linked 4 posts with me and seriously every post was gorgeous and so special. April, who is my most favorite Mommy+Me Blogger that I discovered in 2017, is one of those women whose personal style is gorgeous and whose home style is just as beautiful. I had to highlight ALL of her three posts featuring her beautiful daughter Olivia who is very close to Vivian's age. Their coordinated outfits and matching colors are perfection for every shoot, as are their sweet poses. First we have Olivia's Plaid Dress with a fur vest in the same shade of Bourdeaux as mom's fuzzy sweater. Next we have the Blush Pink Fury Coats and double pom-pom matching beanies - their pose with the hot chocolate cups is melting my heart (no pun intended). Last we have beautiful Olivia staring at mommy, all dressed up at home for a Holiday shoot in their Janie+Jack Matching Rose Print pieces which are just gorgeous and would be perfect for upcoming Valentine's day, too. Seriously every single outfit and every single shoot linked by the gorgeous pair of April+Olivia deserves a standing ovation. If you haven't yet discovered April, run to her blog now - she is fabulous!

Melissa rocks head to toe Winter White for her 'White Christmas' Look - and I should try it sometimes. Her gorgeous malbec red feather earrings definitely stand out!
Kelsey makes you 'Rethink Your New Year's Dress' and you might as well because a jumpsuit, especially a black one is even better for New Year's Eve. Hers has a plunging neckline so she put a long-sleeve lace tee underneath. Sexy, modern and sophisticated.
...But sometimes a 'Glitzy New Year's Eve Dress' is just what the doctor ordered for the fancy sparkly night. And if you have a bump like Tiffany, opt for a fitted sparkly dress. Love the rose gold color.
Red+Black is a holiday favorite pair for me so obviously I'd love Jacqui's 'Style Steal' Outfit. That tone-on-tone red pleated midi skirt is out of this world!
Miriam in a 'Green Embroidered Dress and Brown Floppy Hat' brings out the sophisticated bohemian. Choosing to pair OTK boots with fishnets and a mini dress was a risk that paid off!

Now join the FIRST linkup of 2018. Happy New Year!!

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