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Thursday Moda #96: Currently, January 2018.

January 2018. Two Thousand Eighteen. I seriously have no idea how I feel saying that word. Not only I find it hard to believe that is a new year, but even harder that the new year is 2018. Like how has it been eighteen years since the millennium started?! For real?! Today's Thursday Moda post is also my Currently post (that I do each month, when I link up with ANNE from Anne In Residence). I have been busy at work so far these first few days of this new year and I don't have any outfit photos edited or ready either. Plus, I only have shot very few outfits lately because it has been anywhere from -25 to 10 degrees here (on a good day). Seriously the last three weeks have been freezing and that is an understatement, hence all the indoor photos by the tree you have seen, too. But on another note, January is very special to my heart not just because a new year starts and we have a chance for a fresh start, but it is my daughter's birth month and Vivian is the most important pe…