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Happy Saint Patrick's!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day and Have a Great Irish Weekend everyone! I have a lot of work to do this weekend but I wanted to wish you all to have a great Saint Paddy's today. Wear green, eat and drink some green, be warm and above all stay safe, out there!

Thursday Moda #55: Spring Totes and Peep Toes.

Good morning you all. It is Thursday again - the most stylish day of the week, over here. Today, I am joined by the lovely JENNIE from A Pocketful of Polka Dots whose style is as lovely as her personality. We decided with Spring coming up, to style Spring Accessories, focusing exactly on Spring Totes and Peep Toes (or Peep-Toe Booties to be exact). I love how despite the many differences and completely different types of outfits Jennie and I are wearing, (it is funny when she e-mailed me the photos and happily smiled) both of our totes and peep-toe booties are in shades of camel and I loved that. I believe camel is great to wear year around and I think in between seasons like Winter and Spring with our bi-polar weather lately, camel leather is the way to go when it comes accessories. Make sure you check out Jennie's outfit too here because it is lovely - pretty dress in a great pattern!
Originally this post was supposed to go live last week but our horrible weather and a few other …