Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spring Handbags via Target.

Spring is around the corner, soon to be followed by Summer. I could use a couple of new Bags. As a matter of fact, March 8th is Women's Day and in Albania we celebrate Mother's Day then too. All I asked for was a New Purse. Let's see what the husband will bring.

I have heard great things about Target's Bags. They have really stepped up the game in the last 3 years or so. I do own a bag or two from Target, albeit from earlier years. They have over a hundred awesome bags on their website, currently. Narrowing it down to these favorite 7 was hard. Ultimately, I am looking for Purses in a Pretty Bright Shade, something Pastel and of course in Black+White. My favorite styles at the moment are 3: the Crossbody Bag, the Satchel and the Tote. I am also loving bows, buckles and tassels as far as details go. A couple of these bags look so expensive and one or two are Kate Spade-inspired. Below are my picks. Do you favorite any?
Spring Handbags via Target.

Snakeskin Crossbody Purse

There are currently a lot more I am loving from Target so stay tuned for more Target posts, this month. And I am excited about the rest of my Outfit Posts this week. Keep coming back. 
Happy Hump Day Everyone!

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