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The 6 Remix: Chambray Shirts Six Ways for Fall and Winter.

Normally on the 6th of each month I do the 6 Remix. I actually was going to remix one favorite piece of clothing into 6 Outfits, to show you today. And truth be told I did remix it and even wore 5 out of the 6 Outfits in real life (including the Outfit I wore this morning). But it has been a very, very busy week for me with very little sleep to boot. And today has been an even busier day. Therefore I wasn't able to edit all the photos from all 6 Outfits (that alone takes over an hour guys) and create that fresh post for you today. I am a human being after all and most of the times I don't see this blog as a chore, or I don't let it become one.
So, I am not skipping the 6 Remix after all today. Instead I am going to show you a Favorite Piece of Clothing (like I was supposed to anyway) but pull back from my archives. I will have to use archives of past Outfits every now and then. I hope you don't mind. There is a purpose to this: remixing your (in this case my) closet. To…