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Flashback Friday: How to Wear Red+Black for the Holidays + On the Edge Linkup.

Happy Black Friday everyone. I have the pleasure to co-host with my very good friend SHELBEE from Shelbee on the Edge today. We have even collaborated together on "The September Issue" and "The Holiday Series" (4 more posts to follow). I love Shelbee because her style is bold, fun, quirky and colorful like her personality. She has two sons too which are close to Vivian's age. And today on her blog she is featuring the prettiest Holiday Look all jazzed up and sparkled up for a fancy Holiday event (picture below). And myself, I am actually doing a Flashback Friday post because I haven't done one in a while and I love doing these posts since they remind me of outfits I have worn and loved - a lot of which many of you haven't seen either, since I have a lot of new readers on my blog. So let's take a look down memory lane then.
The Fabulous Shelbee rocking one of her own Little Black Dresses with touches of dark green, purple and blush pink. I love the la…