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7 of 30: Lots of Black Leather spruced up with Plaid, Leopard and Graphic.

There is something bad-ass and something sweet included in this Outfit. The Vegan Leather Jacket is the bad-ass part, the Graphic Tee that says "Love & Magic" is the sweet part (of course). That Mirror Skirt which is Faux Leather both in the front and on the back with Red Plaid off each side as well as the Leopard Ballet Flats fall right in the middle between hard and soft. And after a rainy day, it was finally warm enough during the day to go without Tights. This Outfit was worn for a weekend lunch date with my husband. He complimented me, my Mother-in-Law did, and 3 other strangers (at the restaurant) did, plus I got a few stares, mostly at my Tee. I think it made people happy. =) I just wish I had taken the photos before dining out. I have a little food baby after a yummy lunch LOL. I know one blogger who would approve of this Outfit with her big love for Leather (both real and fake) and that would be JENNIFER of The Brandied Pair. Girl got style from sunrise to sunse…