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19 of 30: Equestrian in Nude and Brown.

Hello and Happy Monday. Can you believe it that April is 2/3rds of the way gone already? And for that matter, we are approaching May - my Favorite month, my Birthday month (it is in 2 weeks). Crazy I say. 2014 has gone by super fast thus far. I hope you had a wonderful Easter also. I will be sharing a few photos of my Lovely Vivian from her Easter, later this week, so stay tuned. 

It was pretty much a given that at some point this Cardigan would be worn with this Lace Tee. When I purchased them 3 years ago at WHBM, I purchased them as 'a set' so to speak, because they go together well. And of course, Nude/Light Beige pairs perfectly with Cocoa or Brown. I have paired this Cardigan with these Pants and a Different Scarf here and also Belted it with a Different Belt more recently. Today, I decided on a Brown Belt to bring out the Pants and did a very subtle Pattern-mixing between my Leopard Scarf & Plaid Headband. The Outfit has sort of an Equestrian feel to it, because of m…