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Blue Jeans and Sweaters.

Good morning. How is sweater weather going for you, because I am wearing a sweater pretty much every day, nowadays. Today I am sharing two casual, mom-friendly looks sharing two pairs of Blue Jeans worn with different Sweaters. Both of these types of outfits are a Fall Uniform for me and if you have been reading here the last 4-5 weeks or so, you have seen a version of these outfits: jeans or leggings with a tee/cami and a long cardigan on top, or jeans with a sweater, sometimes layered with a blanket scarf over it - like today - and sometimes layered with a collared shirt underneath it.
THE  BLUE  JEANS. For the first outfit above I paired some Simple Skinny Medium-Wash Blue Jeans I currently bought with a Blush/Soft Pink Ruffled Lace Camisole and a Long Cardigan which is this cozy Tan+Pink+Black Leopard Print Cardigan and all these three pieces are from Target. I was looking for a pair of normal, not-distressed high-waist jeans and I found them at Target from the Mossimo brand. They a…