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Turquoise Floral with Black+White Stripes.

Hello All. I guess my last post on the first day of my Fashion Challenge, posted accordingly, just like I scheduled it. So I will do the same thing & schedule this as well. I think this saves me some time and plus the way I have been lately (super busy) and also having a broken lap-top charger at home (once again), I figured while I blog this at work, it's good to space it out & post it later. And, no, this is not Today's Outfit. I am always super behind. You will get that outfit & Day Two of the Fashion Challenge, after this post. =) How many of you post the same day's outfit? What about yesterday's outfit? I am usually a few days up to a week or 10 days behind. First I work 6 days a week so that alone gives me 6 working outfits. I also have my weekend outfits, date outfits and evening outfits for when I may go for a coffee or dinner with a friend. So between all of that, I usually have anywhere from 7-12 outfits I change weekly. =)

I am mixing prints on m…