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Poncho, Leopard and Light Blue times Two.

Happy first Monday of February to you all! The first month of 2016 gone, just like that. So, welcome to February. I love when the first day of the month falls on a Monday, it is like the month starts off on the right foot. Speaking of right feet, mine and Vivian's feet are covered by Cute Leopard Booties, today. And my friend Whitney with two other blogging buddies are doing "Create 28" again this month. The first prompt is Favorite Go To Look which is perfectly what my outfit today is. Over the past few months Skinny Jeans, Booties and a Poncho over a Blouse or Light Sweater (plus or minus a scarf) have become a go-to-look for me. Other examples here and here.
Today I have on a brand-new poncho. I love it that it is in Leopard (naturally) and it has fun pea-coat buttons. I paired it with blue skinny jeans, leopard booties, a dark wine blouse underneath and my plum fleece scarf. I even have cute little drop fireball earrings (to match my jeans). Vivian coordinated with M…