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Christmas Home Tour 2015 - Part One.

It is finally here, my Christmas Home Tour 2015. This is just part one as we have a lot to cover and a lot of photos to share. This Christmas we are back home in Michigan USA. Today, for part one I will share the Living Room and Dining Room for you. Of course our main tree (the white tree) and the fireplace+mantle are part of our living room. So let's get to it, shall we?
The 6'5'' tall White Tree stands on the left side of the mantle, in the living room. For the top of the fireplace, on the mantle, I went with a Classic Gold+Red theme this year with a little retro flair. Let's see the mantle and the tree on detail, below.
In the middle of the mantle we have Santa Klaus and Mrs. Klaus dressed up in their red+green plaid and velvet respectively. They are standing on a circle board and it looks like they are dancing, that is because they are a dancing couple. If you twine up the battery, you can see them dancing and hear a Christmas song, playing. This beautiful retr…