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Getting Dressed with FASHOM!

Fashom is the latest online styling service company for busy women, moms, women on the go, career women, or those ladies who simply want to try out something different and new and would like the help of a stylist or a personal shopper, or perhaps they are both on a tight time schedule and a tight budget. Fashom does exactly that - helps women out to get them dressed, refresh, update or fill any missing items in their wardrobes, very similar to other online subscriber styling services like Le Tote, Trunk Club or Stitch Fix, but unlike them it is quite reasonably-priced, as most pieces are under 50 bucks. I was so glad that Fashom liked my blog and my style and reached out to me a few weeks ago to try their services. All I needed to do is fill out a profile online which asked many questions about my body type, my lifestyle and the styles I liked and disliked. 2 days later I had a live video-chat with one of their stylists and after asking the right questions and taking into consideratio…