Monday, July 22, 2019

Getting Dressed with FASHOM!

Fashom is the latest online styling service company for busy women, moms, women on the go, career women, or those ladies who simply want to try out something different and new and would like the help of a stylist or a personal shopper, or perhaps they are both on a tight time schedule and a tight budget. Fashom does exactly that - helps women out to get them dressed, refresh, update or fill any missing items in their wardrobes, very similar to other online subscriber styling services like Le Tote, Trunk Club or Stitch Fix, but unlike them it is quite reasonably-priced, as most pieces are under 50 bucks. I was so glad that Fashom liked my blog and my style and reached out to me a few weeks ago to try their services. All I needed to do is fill out a profile online which asked many questions about my body type, my lifestyle and the styles I liked and disliked. 2 days later I had a live video-chat with one of their stylists and after asking the right questions and taking into consideration my likes and dislikes, she curated and chose a mini collection of pieces - seven in total - for me to pick from. I had to pick out 5 pieces, 4 of which you will see styled today. At the end I chose a Green Floral Ruched Wrap Dress, a Black Pencil Skirt with button detail on the front, a Fun Criss-Cross Back Green Tank-Top and an Adorable Navy-Patterned Button-Front Romper. Not pictured today is the Beautiful Wine Swing Dress which I ended up keeping and I have an entire post planned with it to go LIVE a week from today. The other two items that my stylist previewed in my first box for me to choose were a floral kimono (though I need a couple of nice kimonos, it didn't look that great) and a henley type of t-shirt (but I already have a couple of those henley tees which I love).

To my biggest surprise, after receiving the e-mail that my package had shipped, it was in my door 3 or 4 days later which I thought was so fast. The thing that sucked for me is that we had so much rain, thunderstorms and cloudy weather that week and on top of that, I had such a busy work week that shooting outfits within the 3-day frame I had - the amount of time to keep the FASHOM Box is 3 days - was not something I could do. I really wanted to try and shoot every outfit during sunlight and I couldn't within those 3 days, so I contacted Fashom's very fast, very kind and very understanding customer service for a few days extension and they were kind enough to give me till the end of the week so I could shoot the outfits over the weekend. This worked out perfect for me and it honestly made me love Fashom even more. I looked forward to receiving the pieces of course but even more so seeing them in person and on my body. Everything fit and everything was priced between 39 and 45 dollars which is great. Which is great because that means my stylist paid attention to my size and my suggestions. For example I told her that I like rompers and dresses and that I like pieces that can be worn both to work and casually as the busy mom that I am. I also told her that I am on a budget, so she should send some reasonable pieces. My stylist paid attention for sure! Of course, inside the box was a nice, sturdy plastic envelope with a paid return label which made me returning back the clothes so easy, all I did is put the closed envelope inside my mailbox and the mail-man picked it up, easy, peasy, done! What is good about Fashom is that you don't pay a styling fee for your very first box, it is waived for you. Also, if you keep all 5 pieces they send you, each is discounted at 30%, but if you keep 3-4 items you get them at 25% OFF. Full Disclosure: since I am collaborating with Fashom, I was given some credit towards any items I kept and lucky for me my favorite item which I ended up picking and keeping was also the most reasonable one. The Dress I will be styling next Monday was only 39 bucks!! Now let's look below at each of the outfits and the 4 pieces Fashom sent me. You can always use my link to try out Fashom for yourself for free. By using my link you will get a $10 credit towards any purchase you make and also don't remember that your first box is free!

Getting  Dressed  with  FASHOM!

Staccato: Criss cross back top - $40.00 (returned) 


Very J: Black Skirt - $40.00 (returned)

First up is this green tank top. I loved the criss-cross back detail and the fact that it was a little longer in the back and shorter in the front. Makes for a great athleisure-type of top, perfect for leggings and skinny jeans. The soft linen-blend ribbed type of material keeps you cool for the Summer and the Kelly Green color is gorgeous. I really liked it a lot and so did Vivian but the price of $40 seemed steep for a simple tank top. I decided to dress it up in this outfit and style it with the black pencil skirt I received. The skirt ran very very small, it was a size 6. In most brands I wear a 4 or a 6, this one fit as snug as a 2. A size 8 would have worked better. I liked the button-front which is very trendy for this Summer and the fun pockets with the flaps. It makes a fun, trendy and modern alternative to a typical, more modest, classic type of pencil skirt. I also loved the light linen material. If the fit was better I might have kept it, but then again I did not need it. The price was great though because it a is a pretty, elegant and well-made skirt. The way I styled this outfit with the denim pointy-toe flats, black leather crossbody bag and simple jewelry, is a good work outfit for a business casual office. If you are required to wear some type of a sleeve, a cardigan or blazer on top would have looked great!

Skies are Blue: Embroidery Detailed Ruffle Sleeve Romper - $49.00 (returned) 

This romper is so cute. I loved the fluttery sleeves and the mixing of prints, the high waist part looks like a belt. I also liked that it had pockets. Also the price for it wasn't bad. They sent out the size Small and though it fit, I think Medium would have been better on me. On the website, the leg of the shorts looked wider but I don't think they do, at least not on me. Also, I would have preferred it a couple of inches longer. I am a medium height but my legs are long. Ultimately I did not keep it because I own similar rompers, including a couple in blue/navy prints. But it is totally cute and the price is right! I do think it would look fantastic with white sneakers and that is how I thought of styling it. But then I decided to go for more print mixing with my snakeskin and silver espadrille Anne Klein wedges. I also added another color pop with my lilac sunglasses. It looked like a fun outfit for a weekend out or something I would wear for an evening while on vacation.

Moci by Purple Rain: Floral Wrap Dress - $45.00 (returned)

This was my most favorite piece in the entire box. This wrap dress is lovely, so flattering on and totally sophisticated. Plus the floral print and the colors are beautiful. You can pair it with greens, pinks, red, white, blue and even purples. The material is a thicker mesh but it is layered so it is not see-through at all. This dress hugs you at every curve and it flatters even your flaws because the wrap style and the ruching hides them. I would have preferred it one or two inches longer, as I think that length is better-suited for a job environment. But you could totally dress this down or totally fancy it up too, for a date night or even as a wedding guest. I kind of went in between since I styled it with these black leather sandals with cork wedges. I loved, loved, loved this dress and if I didn't own similar ones like it, I would have totally kept it. I went back and forth on this actually. The price was great, even without a discount. 

All in all I was happy with the items my stylist selected for me. A couple of these I wouldn't have picked on my own, but that's the beauty and I guess the point of a styling service. Fashom makes it convenient, for you. =))

Once again, I would love it if you use my link in/when trying out Fashom. By using my link you will get a $20 credit towards any purchase. It is free to try it out as your first box's fee is waived. After the first box, you pay $15 for a styling fee which is very fair and reasonable, plus that fee is applied to any item you keep in your box, if you choose to do so. Fashom makes it very easy for you to return whatever you don't keep and provides a very easy check-out on their website or their app. I will definitely try Fashom again in the future and I plan on ordering my second box in the Fall. As usual, all opinion expressed in this post are honest and true and FYI I wasn't compensated for this post. 

Thank you to FASHOM for letting me try out their styling subscription service. I e-mailed with the nice lady who contacted me to collaborate over a dozen of times, and she was always so kind and helpful to answer any of my questions or concerns and resolve any issues, plus she always replied to my e-mails so quickly. I also appreciate the fact that they extended my timeline for me to keep my box. I will definitely order from Fashom again and I appreciate you using my link to try them out for FREE!