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July's Top 6.

This past month of July I have shown many, many outfits in the blog (and probably still 30% less of what was actually worn), so for this monthly Top 3 Outfits post I had a very very hard time narrowing down to just 3 outfits, considering that I also participated in a weekly challenge on Fridays called "Mom's Must Have Summer Items" as well as "Wear a Piece Several Ways" - which is one of my most read, most successful posts in this blog, thus far. So, I doubled July's Top Looks from 3 to 6. And some of these looks come from the challenges I did.

This was an interesting month too since I spent 1/3rd of it in Europe & 2/3rds of it in USA. Anyway, here are the Outfits below - let me know which 1 or 2 are your Favorites? They are listed in no particular order of my liking, by the way.

1. Flower, Girly Sundress.
2. Casual Shorts with Pullover.
3. Maxi Dress & Bow Hat with a Flair.
4. Black Shirtdress with Pale Pink Cardigan.
5. Camel Crops & Leopard Top.