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This and That: Happy Birthday to My Mama!

Happy Saturday you all! It is the day after Friday the 13th. So how was your Friday?! I am not really superstitious but I must say my Friday the 13th was spent partially laying in couch fighting a headache and toothache. I took enough Ibuprofen to make me feel a little bit like myself lol. I feel much better this morning and even got 7 hours of sleep. I can do without the frozen rain that we are about to get today though and (MORE) snow showers by Monday! We had like two days of decent warm Spring temperatures this week - and really all month of April - this Thursday the 12th and yesterday. I am so ready for the longest, harshest, coldest 7-month and counting Winter to end! Seriously! For those of you who live in similar climates like myself, I bet you feel the same lol. And all week next week is supposed to be chilly and rainy. Come on Spring, have you decided not to show your face this year?!

But despite the crappy and cold weather we are supposed to have today, I am determined to ha…