Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mustard Punched with Coral and Cognac.

Good Morning & Good Thursday. Believe it or not I wore boots at least 6-7 times in May. Some days called for it, other times I just wanted to make a fashion statement. And speaking of boots, this is the first and ever time this year I wore these boots. I kind of forgot about them. I love them, though. =) I adore this mustard cardigan. I purchased it the same day I purchased this same color tee from a store I used to love but who is no longer in business: Martin & Osa. Come on American Eagle (they were owned by the same company) why couldn't you keep this store in business? They were a similar store to J.Crew and Banana Republic: clean-cut, casual yet well-kept, simple, fun. I loved it and I loved their shoes, scarves & sunglasses, too. Besides their clothes, I loved their awesome, clean, modern store as well. Also, the necklace I am wearing here was purchased for dirt cheap at one of my favorite jewelry stores: Fred's Jewelry. You may have noticed a lot of my jewelry comes from there. They have real jewelry (gold, silver though no diamonds just semi-precious and other precious stones) as well as cute, eclectic fake jewelry. The owner really likes me and always gives me some type of discount. It pays to shop locally and shop often at your favorite stores. =) And last but not least I love a Black+White print and I love a Pencil Skirt. No wonder this skirt is one of my favorites.

Lemon-Mustard Long Cardigan + Matching Tee (underneath): Martin & Osa.
Black+White, Leaf Print, Pencil Skirt: The Limited.
Skinny, Patent Leather, Coral Belt: White House Black Market.
Coral & Beige, Bobble, Statement Necklace: Fred's Jewelry.
Drop Earrings, Featuring a Large, "Heart Shapped" Yellow Stone: Fred's Jewelry.
Earth Green, Shimmery Eyeliner: Flor Mar.
Tall, Square-Heeled, Faux Leather Cognac Boots w/ Buckle Detail off the Side: Payless.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ruffles that Mimic Ruffles!

Hello everyone once again on this Wednesday Evening. Sorry to post so often here, lately guys (twice a day with a new outfit) but I have so many leftover outfits that I never posted before and that I think are worth blogging. It is how I dress daily, anyways. However I need more of you to stop by more often at my page, show me some love, comment my outfit choices and spread your word out on your own blogs for me - of course only if you like to do these things. I really need to do some thorough deep marketing in regards to this blog. I mean to do it but I have been so busy with work and at home lately that I haven't been able to write such a specific post. I also need to change the header and greeter of my blog, and start to hopefully gain some sponsors, add some adds to my page and such. It will create more traffic, more readers and it will make my blog more lovable for all of you who know about it or who may not know about it. All advice and tips on this are welcome as well so please tell me what can I do to make my blog a success?

Anyway, I have had a super-long and stressful day at work today, so the least said about it - the better. Let's move on to the outfit. I love ruffles and I love a cute, subtle periwinkle. I also love The Limited, The Loft & White House Black Market. This outfit features all of these elements as well as these three favorite stores of mine. I adore how the two tops match so well together in color & silhouette. I hope you like it as well. And once again THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY MY BLOG, FOR READING ME, ADVISING ME & SPREADING YOUR GOOD WORD ABOUT ME. I appreciate all of my regular, loyal readers even if there may be a few of them.

Sleeveles, Stretchy, Eyelet-Ruffled, Periwinkle Shell: The Limited.
Long-Sleeve, Lavender Cardigan w/ Tiny Front Pockets & Silk Ruffled Collar: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Thick, Black Leggings: White House Black Market.
Clear-Crystal, Beaded Necklace: Gifted to me this Valentine's Day 2012 (by one of My Best Friends).
Powder Pink, Sparkly, Circle Studs: Piazza Italia.
Silver Chains & Bracelets (Right Hand): JC Penney, Lord & Taylor, etc.
Powder Pink, Sparkly, Circle Studs: Piazza Italia.
Purple, Patent Leather Ballet Flats: Target.

Elegant Bussines-Woman.

I love wearing business dressy pants or trousers to work, especially on those days when I got something important like a meeting, a conference or a Corporate VIP visiting. I own several trousers or work pants, mostly from retailers like The Limited & Express, but also some from NY&Co, White House Black Market, Gap & Old Navy. This pretty Kelly Green shell is one of my favorite blouses and I like to think of it as "a lucky top" as well. When I was interviewing to find a job, I wore it a few times, either paired with this black cardigan or a black blazer. I sometimes wore a black pencil skirt on the bottom, sometimes black pants/trousers and other times I wore my houndstooth Green & Black pencil skirt that matches it beautifully. I was wearing this shell with my black blazer & black pencil skirt for my first interview with my current job. I found out from that very first interview that I was a strong, winning cadidate. It was pretty much a done deal by the second interview, even-though I had a third, formal interview. In honor of getting the job, I even wore my "lucky top" on my first day of work. I kept the waist up portion of my outfit the same, but changed the bottom. Here is that same outfit. I do like it with the skirt. That is one of my favorite cold-weather skirts but I think I like it a little more with these trousers. There is an elegance and powerful aspect to this trousers look. It makes me feel like a strong & successful business-woman. Whether I am or not is a different story. LOL
Black Cardigan: Express.
Bright Green, Silky Shell, with a Rosette Ruffled Detail on 1 Side: The Limited.
Wide-Legged Gray Tweed Pants: NY&Co. (New York & Company).
Brown, Patent Leather & Faux Suede, Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.
Black & Silver, Sparkly & Stretchy, Bobble Bracelet: Purchased at a Boutique in London.
Cognac, Braided, Skinny, Leather Belt: The Limited.
Brown, Patent Leather & Faux Suede, Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Layers and Boots.

I know this looks and feels more like a Fall Outfit but I wore it during a chilly Spring 2012 day. I think most bloggers like layering and I do as well. On top of the blouse and blazer, a cute little circle scarf tied loosely around the neck would complete and make this layered look even better. And I did wear a circle/infinity scarf for the outside and took it off while in the office. I, of course, forgot to take pics of this look with the scarf on. But the scarf was cozy, a very light knit material in a honey color. It matched my lovely Cognac Boots, quite well.

3/4-Sleeve, Babydoll, Pinstripe, Pink & White, Poplin Shirt: NY&Co (New York & Company).
Off-White Jean Blazer w/ Navy Trim: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Burgundy Corduroy Skinny Pants: White House Black Market.
Mini Sea Pearl, Stud Earrings: Fred's Jewelry.
Silver Chains & Bracelets (Right Hand): JC Penney, Lord & Taylor, etc.
Cognac Brown, Leather, Riding Boots: Payless.

Pinstripes, Ruffles and Houndstooth.

Good Morning & Good Tuesday All. I just got to work and I have a bunch of things to do but I wanted to get out an Outfit first, since I am very behind and all. Today I woke up to lots of sunshine and it is warm and bright. I am happy for that as I think we are due for some sun & warmth after all the rainy, wet cool days of Mid to late May as well as the awful, cold, rainy April we had.

This is one of my most favorite outfits, worn this year by the way. Cute, comfortable, casual, chic yet dressy enough for work. I love it and I love all the articles of clothing that make up this ensemble. Plus, stripes and houndstooth are two favorite prints of mine and in this outfit both my stripes and houndstooth are subtle enough to create a neutral, sophisticated outfit. I hope you like it as well. Have a Lovely Tuesday Ahead!!

Long-Sleeve, Button-Down, Ruffled-Collar, Pinstripe White & Periwinkle Blouse: White House Black Market.
White, Stretchy Nylon Tank (Under the Button-Down): The Limited.
Black & White, Small Houndstooth-Print, Cropped Pants w/ Button Details on the Waist: The Limited.
Silver Floating, Long Earrings featuring a Cubic Gold Stone: An Accessories Boutique in Tirana.
Silver Chain Necklace Featuring a Silver Rhinestone Rabbit Bunny: Fred's Jewelry.
Leopard-Print, Navy, Beige & Brown Headband: Bijoux & Accessories.
Soft, Dusty Pink, Suede Moccasin Shoes: Payless.