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Currently: September 2015 (Loving so many things and a Blogger Meet-up).

Happy Tuesday and Welcome September! Another month gone and August was a great one for me. It was a month full of lovely things, a very long flight, moving, traveling and it ended with a great vacation at St. Joseph. I was busy, busy, busy this past month, but I feel very fulfilled afterwards. It also helped that despite being in two different continents, the August weather was sunny, mostly warm and very pretty.

Here is my monthly "Currently" Post.  Like last time, I am linking up with Anne, tomorrow. And speaking of tomorrow, stop by because you will see a great Fall Transition post between me and some other lovely and stylish bloggers. =)

reading: I feel bad about this one but I haven't been reading any books since I left Albania. My plate has been very full and furthermore I still need to enroll at my local library. I plan on doing that soon so I can borrow lots of books for both Vivian and I to read. I am currently reading a People Magazine and of course lots of artic…