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Comfort Pregnancy Basics with Pops of Color.

Today was one of those mornings I couldn't wake up. I was dreading it. On my defense, I woke up around 3.00 AM to tinkle and couldn't fall back to sleep for at least another hour and a half or two. I am such a light sleeper. It has to be super quiet for me to fall asleep. Once I am sleeping I am OK. My husband is a heavy sleeper and he snores a little, nothing too loud but loud enough for me not to sleep. Ehhh. So I finally slept again and then around 8, his alarm clock woke me back up. But I slept it off till 10.15 AM when I had set my own alarm. I try to wake up later when I work the afternoon/evening shift at work. Anyway this is a lot of sleep talk.

The outfit below is exactly how I am titling this post. It is nothing special but it is very comfortable. This outfit actually looks very much alike to this one, except it has leggings. These are the black version of my gray leggings from Express. The shell is also the same as the black/white & gray one from the post I link…