Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week's Best Looks: January 13th 2013.

This Weekly Feature on Sundays has become one of my favorite posts to write. But at the same time it gets even more difficult each time to choose 10-15 looks I am completely in love with. This is due to the fact that there are so many great-dressed ladies out there whose blogs I follow. SERIOUSLY! This has become even harder due to the fact that I discover new bloggers, weekly. This week I bring you two brand-new bloggers - Jenna Brianne of Wearable Fun Fashion and Ashliegh of The Darling Prepster. Both are College Students and newer to the blogging world, but they each had a couple of real cute looks this week which I had to include, both wearing Chambray Shirts and accessorizing them with Statement Necklaces & Sweaters. I am also doing something I have never done before. One of my daily reads and favorite bloggers who is a very popular face in this feature Ms. Heather of H&K Style Journey, has not one but two outfits in Today's Best. I had a really, really hard time choosing between her first look featuring a Beautiful Mint Color, and then a couple of days later she came up with a Great Monochromatic Gray Look in a Sweater Dress and Cute Scarf to accessorize. You all know I love Sweater Dresses & I love Scarves. =)

This week you will see why Chambray Button-Down Shirts are so popular as there are several of them featured. Also, you will see lots of Cognac and Brown Boots, Beautiful Statement Necklaces, Leopard Accessories (Gloves & Pumps), some Stripes and a couple of Very Pretty Red Dresses. I love me a Red Dress!! So, there it goes. Enjoy these ladies! =)

From Left to Right, Starting from the Top:
Annie wears a Beautiful, Sheer, Black+White Polka Dot Top with Simple Black Skinny Jeans, Camel Booties & a Sturdy, Large Handbag. I love her Fun, Long, Gold Necklace.
Kayla is wearing a Bold, Colorful, Floral Pencil Skirt with Go-with-Everything Cognac Boots, Black Tights, Black (Wide Belt), a Turquoise Statement Necklace & Go-with-Everything Chambray Shirt.
Londyn wore this Gorgeous, Raspberry-Red, Full-Skirt Shirtdress for a Brunch. She made it Sassy with Tall Cognac Boots.
Kacie you look so Adorable!! Between the Owl Sweater & Cute Beanie, and the Aqua Briefcase Bag & Peep-Toe Booties, she mixes Casual with Dressy to Perfection!
Lynne's Dress has a Tapestry Feel to it between the Gorgeous Floral & Paisley in Teal, Gold & Turquoise Colors. Love her Beaded Neutral Necklace. She is a Sexy Paralegal for sure.
Jenna loves layering up for Winter. She is a College Student on a Budget but she still manages to look Chic in this White Cable-Knit Sweater, Chambray Button-Down & Statement Necklace all worn Simply with Jeans tucked into Boots.
Ashliegh made this Girly Skirted Look both Preppy & Fun with a Tucked-in Stripped Cardigan, Button-Down Chambray, Sperry Shoes & an Adorable Belt which she so talentfully tied into a bow.

From Left to Right, Starting from the Top:
Ashley wore these Super-Fun Winter Motif Tights with Shorts, a Magenta Blouse & a Gray Statement Necklace for her Family's Christmas Dinner. I am sure she stood out.
Alison is wearing a Wonderful Trench Coat with an Unique, Round Collar. I love those Chic Chocolate Suede Boots, her Leopard Gloves plus that Gorgeous Hair & Smile.
Ginny's Outfit was also a difficult one for me to choose because she had a Great Week of Outfits. Ultimately her Red Dress with a Black Blazer over it & Round-Toe Leopard Pumps won me over.
Tiffany wears a Dressy & Chic Sweater Dress with Stripes that go both vertically & horizontally. Those Tan, Spike-Heel Booties take this look from Safe to Sexy though.
Mary is challenging herself to 15 outfits using 15 items of clothing. This Beautiful & Colorful Ensemble was just her second look and I love it. Super Cute Blouse & I like it better Belted.
Heather's First Outfit subtly Mixes and Matches Stripes, Leopard & Color-block while staying Cute in a Gray & Black theme. I am in love with her New Gray & Black Boots - Beautiful.
Heather's Second Outfit for this week is made up of Mint Jeans, a Circle Scarf in a Similar Shade, a Dressy Black Blazer, Black Boots and Polka Dots. But I especially love the Aqua Sparkly Earrings.
My Own Favorite Look:
It seems like all of you who follow and comment me liked This Look the Most this week. I agree, it is also my Favorite Look. I love how I layered this simple Tank-style, Empire Waist Dress and Winterized it, too.

My Baby Story: 37 Weeeks and the Crib.

To My Baby Girl:
My Beautiful Little Girl, you are growing, moving, shaking and kicking inside Mommy's belly. It is so sweet, good and lively, though at times it hurts. If you were to see my belly even for just half an hour straight, you would see all bumps, peaks and different shapes. It is funny but so cute. We are getting so close, you might even arrive this coming week. But take your time. I want you to be happy and ready and give me Labor when you think it is TIME to make your debut. It seems like everyone enjoyed the photos Dad and I took last Sunday. They did come out beautifully. It was your presence (in my round belly) that made that beautiful. That, combined with our love for each-other and especially our love for you and it was such a fantastic, wonderful Photo Shoot with beautiful photos that we will treasure forever. We both love you so much and are looking forward to welcome you to our home - your home!!

I Love You with all of my Heart & Soul. And I CANNOT WAIT for you to get here!!

How Far Along: 37 weeks.
Total Weight Gain: 20-20.5 lbs or so. It's pretty much all in my belly.
Baby Measurements & Weight: By now you should have gained a little even more weight & weigh close to 3 kg. I am sure you have gained some height, too.
Stretch Marks? I don't see any. My husband can't see any, neither can my Sister in Law. Good thing.
Maternity Clothes? Yes. Definitely.
Best moment this week: Getting ready for your arrival. This week we put the bed together and dressed it inside. It is so very pretty and girly. Everyone I showed it to, loved it. This week, I also purchased some last things that were left both for Mommy & for you so we can be ready for the hospital and your arrival when the time comes. I washed all of your onesies and other clothes for Newborn and 0-3 months and they are currently drying. Just talking about you in general, calling you sweet names and discussing your birth with your Daddy and my In-Laws have been some good, happy moments. But the happiest of them all, is just hearing and feeling your very big kicks and moves inside me. You are one active, healthy, sassy, clever Baby Girl!
Miss Anything? Not really. But I know once I give birth, I will somewhat miss my belly and I will miss feeling and hearing her inside. However, I much rather have her in my arms.
Movement: Yes, DAILY. A lot. You are a gymnast inside there.
Food Cravings: Sweets & Desserts once again. Chocolate. Beans, lentils, bread.
Gender: A Beautiful Little Princess.
Belly button in or out? Out my friends, out.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: In general happy because she will be here so soon. But this week I am getting a little bit scared and nervous since time is flying by and this is my first time giving birth, so I guess that's normal.
Looking forward to: Meeting my doctor and discussing My Birth Plan. And as always I look forward to her kicks - they make my day.
So, how do you like her crib and how I decorated/dressed it inside?