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Print. Color. Texture.

It is our Easter today and the weather couldn't be any nicer. We also got a few family photos done and I cannot wait to share a few of them with you once I have them. I will try to keep it short and sweet since we will soon go for an Easter lunch at a local restaurant, after Vivian's nap.
While I am still remixing my top 10 pieces that I challenged myself with, this month, I am doing my best to follow every single prompt with Create 28 as well. Plus keep up with the themes of the Creative Closet and Trend Spin on Tuesdays and Spotlight of the Week on Thursdays. It is challenging but I have done it thus far. I wanted a chance to wear my Marsala Coated Jeans once more before putting them away until Fall. They paired so well with this Dark Navy Striped Sweater (the item from my Top 10 picks), a Classic, Navy Ponte Blazer and my Ikat-Print Watercolor Blueish-Lavender Scarf. This is one of my most favorite scarves I own and my collection is huge. But I won't wear it again soon b…