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Bright Green Shorts, Black+White Gingham Shirt and Watercolor Keds.

I hope everyone celebrated a Lovely Father's Day and Weekend. I am lucky enough that I was blessed with a Father who is a very kind and wise man. He has such a soft heart full of compassion and will to help others. He is a wonderful man overall and a very loving grandpa. I have learned a lot from him, especially from his strong will to always learn and study a lot in school as well as to work very hard. But I think the most important thing he has taught me is how to save money (though I could do much better in this area - my fault, not his). He is a very savvy man who is always thinking ahead in terms of having his bills paid and how to cut unnecessary expenses. My Father is a Softie but he can be tough on the things that matter the most. So Happy (Belated) Father's Day to him and to my Husband too for being such a loving, caring dad to our Daughter Vivian!! Hope your Fathers had a relaxing, wonderful, special day yesterday and they got treated to something nice!

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