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Pretty Pink Crochet and JC Penney Dresses.

4 Summers ago I did a lot of Dress Shopping since I could use a few new dresses. I had several showers to go to, 4 weddings, some bachelorette and engagement parties. I happened to wander into JC Penney's and to my nice surprise, they had a ton of dresses on sale. They were a little messy and disorganized though. But I had time so I dug through the racks and found about 5 or 6 dresses I loved, including the Hot Pink one from today. Between the perfect knee-length, comfortable and almost wrinkle-free jersey fabric, pockets, flattering waves on the neckline and super fun back which is crocheted in a diamond pattern with the whole middle part embroidered with silver flat beads - seriously what's not to love? I remember this pretty dress was under 30 bucks. Last week on a super hot day while I went to meet my cousin and his girlfriend (with Vivian in tow) for a frozen yougurt and then for a pizza lunch, this is what I wore. I paired it with this Summer's Favorite Sandals - my …