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Pass it On: Distressed Blue Jeans.

I have been meaning to write today's post hours ago, but the baby hasn't let me. We are back to a cold, wet and rainy day around here, but I hear the sun is supposed to come out, tomorrow, once again. I am just now making myself a quick dinner (hard-boiled eggs - I love their taste, they are easy to cook, plus they are supposed to be good for you) & getting to Blog Post for the day, while Vivian is sleeping. But I don't think she is down for the night yet. She is a Night Owl.

Today's Outfit is nothing special, just a sweatshirt & jeans (with a fleece jacket over). I added a scarf for style more so than for warmth. But sometimes Comfy wins above anything else. My mom purchased this sweatshirt for me, while I was pregnant. I mostly wear it around the house but it is nice enough to wear out, too. I like the rolled V-Collar it has. And with the jeans I guess I am doing a "Take One, Pass it On" since I wore these same jeans just a couple of days prior. You…