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The Last Day of June.

Just like that, the first 6 months of 2017 are gone and we are half-way through this year. I hope the year has been great for you thus far. I normally don't reflect on the year in the middle of it, but since it is June 30th and it dawned on me how fast 2017 flew by I decided to think a little bit about the year so far. This has been a great year for me (and Vivian too) in general, but at the same time I have been so busy. I pretty much work a full-time schedule and when I am not working, I spend my days with Vivian. I play with her, read to her, do things with her. I clean, I do dishes, I cook, I eat, I go on lunch dates, I read (a little, not as much as I'd want to), I take outfit photos, I do Instagram and Facebook and of course I blog and spend a good chunk visit my blogging community, too. I bet my entire savings that if the day had 30 hours, I'd still occupy every hour and every minute of each hour. 

I just had a doctor's appointment the other day because I hadn…