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Nice to "Meet and Greet" Lindsey.

Welcome to a New "Meet and Greet". Today's Guest is Lindsey from High Heels and Training Wheels. She has only been blogging for a few months and I happened to find her blog suddenly, through a link-up. At the time, her Style was very Simple and she had just started to come out of her comfort zone. Another thing that attracted me to her blog was the name of the blog. Very appealing and appropriate for a Stay-at-Home Mom of 3 young children. The most amazing thing about Lindsey's Style is that she always looks Chic, Casual and Effortless on such Inexpensive, Thrifty finds. Her stores of choice are Wal Mart, Forever 21, Target and such. But looking at her outfits you would never guess that. So enjoy her interview and I hope you can learn something from it too - I certainly did. She has some Great Advise for Women on a Budget and for Moms, especially.

1. Introduce yourself in 2 sentences. Introduce your blog in 2 sentences. Why did you name your blog the way you did?

Lots of Dots and some Fun Red.

It's a Fabulous Tuesday You All. Well, besides the fact that the Weather was so nice and after the real Hot, Sweaty Days we have been having lately, it was much Cooler and even Cardigan type of Weather, this June 25th was a Special day because I got to pick up Vivian's American Birth Certificate & American Passport, today. I reported a couple of weeks ago that she received her American Citizenship (through me). I might even order her a Cake in Red, White & Blue with some Stars and/or Confetti in it. We love cakes around here (especially My Husband - he is the Dessert King) so we 'keep finding occasions' to order them. Of course we have one monthly for Vivian's Birthday Celebration every 19th.

I must say I am loving My Outfit today. I am wearing Black+White Polka Dots both on the Top part of the Outfit & on the Bottom. The Cardigan's Dots are more Graphic as they start from Smaller on top to Bigger on the bottom. I also pattern-mixed with a Red+White…