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Geometric Print Shorts, 2 ways for Casual Weekends (Looks 9+10).

Happy Weekend everyone! First of all I apologize that I haven't had the time to post all the pieces I have included in my Summer wardrobe, but don't worry with today's outfits we are only one fourth of the way since I plan to do 40 outfits with my 30 pieces and I hope that by Tuesday June 20th at the latest, I will post all of my pieces. In the 2 pairs of shorts I included, this Geometric Print pair by Old Navy from last Summer were one of them and I have already worn them three times. I love the brush-stroke square print in them and the mostly neutral colors make them go with pretty much anything especially white and navy, like I did with each outfit by choosing a white+navy top, each time. You will notice once I post my 30 pieces that my color palette is mostly in millenial or soft pink, light or sky blue and navy so all the pieces will mix and match well together. I wore these outfits 5 days apart from each other but both were days I had off and spending time both in an…