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Thursday Moda #129: Mommy+Daughter Day Out in Matching Tropical Pieces.

Happy Thursday Moda day! I rarely do this, but I am blogging the outfit I actually wore today (on Wednesday August 22nd) and posted a few hours ago on my Instagram. I was actually off from work the last couple of days since Vivian finished Summer school. I have been getting ready for her to go to Kindergarten and I am not done with the online process of the registration because the whole thing wasn't explained well to me at all and if I am being honest there is so much bureaucracy involved. How difficult could it be to enroll your kid to Kindergarten for real?! I did spend a lot on all her school supplies provided in our list and have bought her a bunch of clothes too. I truly hope I run to her school first thing in the morning and finish the online registration process because it has been a pain in my butt - excuse my French. Please pray for me that I finish it all today (Thurs morning). So yeah I wore this Beautiful Tropical Jumpsuit all day and these photos are from our first p…