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Week's Best Looks: January 20th 2013.

Aren't you glad it's Sunday? Well I am, because I get to post one of My Most Favorite Posts of the week - My Weekly Feature where I SING MY PRAISES TO YOU ALL!!I read a lot of blogs, I love a ton of outfits, I discover new bloggers and beautiful, stylish ladies every day so picking these outfits weekly is not easy. I pick what I consider THE BEST OF THE BEST, CREAM OF THE TOP!! So to all your ladies featured here on Sundays, you should consider yourself 3 things: Fashionista(s), 2) Stylishly Beautiful & 3) Privileged. You are more than welcome to link this post to your blog and let your readers know you have been featured. It is an Honor (for me) after all. =)

This week I am attracted to lots of Beautiful, Fun Skirts & Girly Getups, as you shall see. Patterns and Fun Florals are also what attracted me this week. I am also featuring some Colored Pants' Looks with softer, lighter colors. Waiting for Spring, everyone? Pattern-Mixing is also a part of this Selective, S…