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Early Fall Uniform.

Hi guys. I am so very behind blogging. I am fighting a cold (if you follow me on Instagram you may have heard my "sexy voice" lol). I feel even more behind this month especially, since I committed to a remixing challenge for the month of October. But, I will have a lot of two-outfit posts from now until early November, so you can see the other half of my Common Threads Challenge, since these outfits I have already posted, mark the half-way. Today's outfits are a copy-paste of each other. They have been a Fall uniform for me, especially for early Fall, until a week ago or so when our temperatures dropped a lot and a t-shirt with a long cozy cardigan over, won't cut it anymore (I have been in puffer coats in the last few days). The Relaxed Light-Wash Step-Hem Jeans, V-Neck Tee and both Chenille Cardigans (the light pink and the ochre ones) as you know are items I chose to remix during the Common Threads remix challenge for the month of October 2017.
I love how soft and …