Friday, October 27, 2017

Early Fall Uniform.

Hi guys. I am so very behind blogging. I am fighting a cold (if you follow me on Instagram you may have heard my "sexy voice" lol). I feel even more behind this month especially, since I committed to a remixing challenge for the month of October. But, I will have a lot of two-outfit posts from now until early November, so you can see the other half of my Common Threads Challenge, since these outfits I have already posted, mark the half-way. Today's outfits are a copy-paste of each other. They have been a Fall uniform for me, especially for early Fall, until a week ago or so when our temperatures dropped a lot and a t-shirt with a long cozy cardigan over, won't cut it anymore (I have been in puffer coats in the last few days). The Relaxed Light-Wash Step-Hem Jeans, V-Neck Tee and both Chenille Cardigans (the light pink and the ochre ones) as you know are items I chose to remix during the Common Threads remix challenge for the month of October 2017.

I love how soft and pretty yet simple and put together this outfit looks. Though I have on three colors (4, if you count the silver of the shoes): light pink, light grey and white, it works so well together and looks monochrome. This time, I paired my Blush/Light Pink Chenille Cardi with a dressier White Tee (from this Summer, from Loft) which has a fun crochet detail on the neckline with a feather framing - love the feminine appeal and texture of it. The grey jeans look colorless which I love. I love their super light color, the light distressing and the raw hem - they are some of my favorite skinny jeans that I own. The Silver Loafers go so well with those Heather Grey Skinny Jeans too - both of these pieces are by Express. I added a pop of color with my Audacious Red Lipstick and Dark Red Crystal Drop Earrings and I was out of the door.


White tee - check. Comfortable Jeans - check. Long Chenille Cardigan - check. Comfortable Flat Shoes - check. This outfit is easy a copy of the first one, with the twin sister cardigan of the light pink color cardigan - this time I wore the ochre/dark mustard one. I love these Nude Canvas Sneakers so much and they go with a lot. They are my most worn new sneakers I have purchased this year. I have worn them with jeans, skinny jeans, cropped pants, skirts, dresses and leggings - though I have only blogged them a few times. Add a fun Patent Leather Tote - mine was a gift with purchase from HSN years ago - I love the icy blue color. Add also a couple of dressier, unique pieces of jewelry like these Light, Gold-Metallic Teardrop Earrings and my Beautiful Red Cocktail Ring, and I suddenly dressed up this jeans+t-shirt look. But let's not forget the power of the third piece which in both of these outfits is 'the cardigan'. First of all these chenille cardigans are beautiful and make a statement, but even if they were in a different color or material, they would still complete the look. You can swap the long cardigan with a regular-length cardi, a jacket, a vest, a poncho, a kimono or a blazer. What do you think?!

Have a Fantastic Halloween Weekend Everyone!!

Here (two weeks ago), you saw another version of my Fall Uniform: Jeans, a White Tee and a Long Open Cardigan. This outfit actually is identical to the second outfit but I paired the White V-Neck Tee and Step-Hem Jeans with the Blush Cardigan rather than the Mustard one and instead of the Gold Flip-Flops, I have on my Nude Canvas Sneakers.