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Gray Cloche Hat from Winter to Early Spring.

It is still pretty chilly here guys, no lie. Today besides being a gray day, it is very rainy and quite cold. I want to start wearing cute loafers, sandals, dresses and floral midi skirts (sans tights) but that isn't happening just yet. Boo-ya. So, among all the fashion challenges I mentioned yesterday, (that I got going on this month), I am still trying to transition my wardrobe into Spring and styling some pieces from Winter to Early Spring, including this Gray Cloche Winter Hat. So, it is another two-for-one post today and expect more of these all through April.
This Winter Gray Cloche Hat has been the MVP of my Hats (I own a few) for me this past Winter. Since it is still cold and rainy this week, I took it for an early Spring spin and instead of layering a lot like I did on the first Outfit, I paired it with a Spring-like Floral Sweater on the second outfit. Wearing my Sweaters once more is another thing I am doing this month and I am even including two Sweaters in my 10 item…