Friday, April 3, 2015

Gray Cloche Hat from Winter to Early Spring.

It is still pretty chilly here guys, no lie. Today besides being a gray day, it is very rainy and quite cold. I want to start wearing cute loafers, sandals, dresses and floral midi skirts (sans tights) but that isn't happening just yet. Boo-ya. So, among all the fashion challenges I mentioned yesterday, (that I got going on this month), I am still trying to transition my wardrobe into Spring and styling some pieces from Winter to Early Spring, including this Gray Cloche Winter Hat. So, it is another two-for-one post today and expect more of these all through April.
This Winter Gray Cloche Hat has been the MVP of my Hats (I own a few) for me this past Winter. Since it is still cold and rainy this week, I took it for an early Spring spin and instead of layering a lot like I did on the first Outfit, I paired it with a Spring-like Floral Sweater on the second outfit. Wearing my Sweaters once more is another thing I am doing this month and I am even including two Sweaters in my 10 items that I will remix this month (among other things) for the Top 10 Remix Challenge. In a way these two outfits are another Mom Wear to Work Wear post since the first one was worn on a casual weekend, while the second one was worn to work. And just this week I did a Mom Wear to Work Wear Post where I remixed this Red Turtleneck and even wore my trusty Denim Jacket which is my MVP Spring Jacket. Coincidentally I wore the Red Turtleneck and Denim Jacket for the Mom Look last time (the outfits from today and last time were actually worn quite a few days apart). So yeah, this has been a week of lots of closet remixes and two-fer posts for me, as well as a week of challenges like the Create 28 Lovely Spring Looks, where the first two days I showed you Pink and More Hot Pink and today the prompt for Create 28 is a Spring Jacket so I am styling my Favorite Thrifted Item ever and one of my Closet MPVs - the Denim Jacket. So, once again I am linking with Carrie and Whitney. Go check out their blogs to see how they are handling the "Create 28 Lovely Spring Looks" Challenge. My question to you - what is your most worn Spring Jacket and why?

Yes, quite a few colors in this outfit but they are all neutrals with the exception of the red turtleneck. And check out another way I have done many layers with this Cream Sweater, also with a hat, in yet another Remix Post.
Two of Vivian's Most Favorite Activities to do daily are watching her Favorite TV Shows or Children's Song Videos on the iPad and Writing or Drawing with pens, pencils, markers and sometimes even Mommy's makeup, yep. LOL

Vivian's Outfit:
Dark Blue Chambray/Denim Dress w/ Embroidery & Long Fuschia Knit Sleeves: Gymboree.
Black Leggings: A Local Children's Boutique.
Purple+Orange Sneakers: Target (Christmas Gift from My Mom).

Speaking of remixing, this outfit has the same Boots, Bracelets and Earrings from yesterday's outfit.
Fuchsia+White, Gingham/Plaid, Long-Sleeve, Button-Down Shirt: Aeropostale (very similar), (similar popover by Target, best deal, love this), (similar in lighter pink, great deal, love this).
2 Dainty Sea-pearl & Lavender Crystal, Silver Bracelets (left hand): Christmas Gift from my Husband (from an Etsy shop).


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Have a Great Weekend!!