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Python, Olive, Tweed.

Happy Hump Day Ladies and Gents. Is there any gentlemen who read this blog? Curious minds want to know lol. We are almost a full 2/3rds of November in and exactly today on the 19th my baby girl is 22 months old. Before we know it, we will be celebrating her 2nd birthday. Where did the year go? Poor baby is home sick with mommy today. She is on some antibiotics and she even had to take a shot. =( I of course, am on the brink of crying every time I see her take a shot. And speaking of Vivian, thanks for all your latest compliments on the recent posts with her. Much appreciated. 
Now, moving onto today's outfit (which I actually wore yesterday to work), I really wanted to try pairing Olive with Hot Pink. I have actually tried it out before and even seen the color combination several times on Pinterest and I am here to tell you that it works. I started the day off with Heels (as you can tell from my Gorgeous Python Pumps) and once I was done seeing clients, I had to put on my Comfy Bl…