Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Currently, November 2016.

Happy November you all!

November is the month to say thanks, eat and drink anything pumpkin-related, eat lots of turkey and also get reacquainted with all of your warm sweaters, long boots and all those blanket scarves you own. This particular November is also election month. These presidential elections only come once every 4 years and I think it is very important to cast your vote! Here I am again updating you on what is new with me this November and linking up with Anne for her monthly "Currently" linkup.

discovering: that being three is worse than being two. OMG, three is a difficult age you guys. Lots of tantrums, sometimes bad temper and throwing a fit, very opinionated and stubborn. Yes, I love my girl to death but sometimes it takes a lot for me to deal with all the toddler shenanigans especially now that she understands and talks a lot. I must say though, she is usually very loving and well-mannered, says "please" and"thank you" always, smiles a lot and gives me lots of hugs and kisses and tells me she loves me a few times a day, especially after she misses me as I get home from work.

celebrating: the  fact that Thanksgiving and the holiday season is not too far behind. I have lots of things and people to be thankful for this year. In a way I am celebrating the very good, warm weather we are having, too. The boots, long sleeves, heavy layers and thick sweaters can wait.

starting: to think of fun ideas for blog posts come November and December. I have both collaborations with other bloggers as well as with some companies, coming to the blog soon. 

wearing: not a lot of layers, at times short-sleeves and sandals. It has been an unusually warm Fall here, so far. Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees. I took the opportunity to spend an afternoon out with Vivi. We saw a pretty waterfall, grabbed an early dinner and walked a lot. Yeah, I have yet to wear booties, boots and blanket scarves so far but I have worn some jackets and puffer vests (stay tuned to tomorrow's post). 

googling: three things - first related to election (if I can vote out sooner than the voting day), potty training my toddler (she is being so stubborn with that) and last but not least how to style my new chopped hair. I cut off 11 inches or so and yes you will see that on the blog tomorrow too, unless you are my Instagram friend. 

Here is a little throwback to what I was wearing on this date or a close date on the blog, in the past few years I have been blogging. I always think this is a fun way to look into my past self and the way I dressed, for the same season, in the past.

This was the year I was pregnant. I remember it was the hottest Summer I had experienced and even a warm, at times hot Autumn. The heat lasted through November. Hard to tell from this photo that I had entered the third trimester of my pregnancy. Different shades of Gold and Mustard worked for this Monochromatic Look. The dress is in a Burn-Out Floral Silk and the flats are Leopard Calf-Hair while that is a simple Elbow-Sleeve Mustard Cardigan. I had titled this post "Golden Silk Statue" and it was quote fitting. I would wear this outfit exactly, today in 2016.

This was a three-fer post where I took one item and passed it onto a second outfit, then took an item from the second outfit and passed it onto the third. This was the third outfit of the three and my favorite from that post. It is dressy, elegant and yet has an edgy and sporty vibe to it. I love, love those Suede Buckled Magenta Flats and I love my hair in this length. It is medium yet long enough to do any style with it and had some layers too, for texture. Wish I had that Gorgeous Blue Bomber Leather Jacket here, today.

Last year, I finally bought the very popular (especially among bloggers) Blanket Plaid Scarf that everyone and their mother and grandmother has. I only styled it/wore it a few times actually since I have several blanket scarves. This was the second outfit I every blogged with this scarf. I loved it with the shades of Dark Purple. 

I can easily say I can wear and would wear all three outfits again, today. Plus both Plaid and Leopard are great patterns for Fall as are Dark Jeweled Colors and Gold. Which is your favorite outfit from these three?

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