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The Holiday Series: What to Wear on Black Friday, a Multi-Blogger Collaboration.

Today I am back with 12 buddies of mine for part two of our Holiday Series we are doing this November and December. You can read part one - all about Cute Thanksgiving Outfits - here. There is a lot of style inspo in that post, so if you don't know yet what to wear for Thanksgiving, you should read it and see many different ways to dress up, dress down (or in between, like I did) for turkey day. Today's post is all about what to wear on Black Friday. Not everyone will be shopping so our outfits are according to our plans but I couldn't help but see how similar a lot of our looks were. I am guessing jackets, puffer vests, sweaters and scarves are on everyone's Black Friday 'to wear list'. 
Here is all of us rocking layers and Fall colors this Black Friday. I noticed from our outfits that several of us wore either skinny jeans or leggings and comfy shoes like booties, OTK boots or sneakers. And look at all the burgundy and pink! I love all of these outfits the lad…