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Flashback Friday: A Dozen Favorite Outfits from Last Spring.

Today, I am recapping my most favorite dozen outfits I wore last Spring and to tell you the truth I would repeat each and every one head to toe and re-wear them again if I could/wanted to. Some of these are more suitable for warm weather, some for in between weather and some for chilly and/or rainy Spring days. The first three outfits below are my top 3 most favorite looks from last Spring (March-May). The other outfits are listed in no particular order. So let's take a retro look back into my closet from a year ago. =)
1. Original Post. Some outfits you remember, even if you are sick as a dog or your photographic memory is not that great. This is one of those outfits for me. I remember it vibrantly and will remember it forever. If you read the original post too, you will see how happy I was in this post. The beautiful colors of this outfit, the warm+sunny weather, my new crochet top which I loved so much - it all rubbed off on me and made me peachy, which showed through the photos t…