Friday, April 11, 2014

11 of 30: Cocoa Cords, Cobalt Checks and Cool Vest.

I didn't really plan it out to show both Cobalt and these Brown Corduroy Pants 2 days in a row, but it happened that way. You guys loved my first Outfit yesterday where I paired my Cobalt Pencil Skirt with my Gray Owl Sweater. And you were right that the 2nd Outfit looked better without the Scarf on. =) Today's Outfit has an 80's, Ralph Lauren vibe to it. I'm an 80's baby - I know. The Pants aren't High-waisted, but rather Mid-waisted (did I just make up that word LOL?) but it certainly has that 80's appeal. The vest sort of 'went' with the Plaid button-up so I 'went' with it. What do you think? And don't you like the Alliteration on the title? I almost made it all the way to the end with "Vest".

Quick story about this Puffy Vest. It is the Off-White version of my Brown Puffy Vest. I was gifted that Vest at an Outlet that carries brands like Bershka, Zara and Pull & Bear. I was very willing to purchase one myself in a different color (after all they were under ten bucks!! used to be $59 at the original/non-outlet store), so I asked the sales associate if it came in White since I had been searching everywhere for an affordable White Puffy Vest. She said it didn't. However she was persistent and after my purchases that day, she had asked her GM about it. After some quick searching they realized it came in White. There was only one White left (and it was my size) at a different Outlet store (not even located in Albania). They ended up shipping it to their store and a couple of weeks later I got a phone-call from that same sales associate letting me know about THE Vest. I went to the store very happy with the intention of buying it and left from it even happier since they kindly gave it to me free of charge because of all the hassle. Now, I know this type of service actually happens across many fine stores in US, but it doesn't happen often here. Let alone getting stuff for free. Things in general cost a lot more in Europe and coupons are hard to come, especially in Albania. So anyway it was very much appreciated. The end.
Pros: Simple, Easy, Layered, Colorful and no Fuss at all. A little Dressy too paired with those Bronze Wedges.
Cons: The 80's feel of the Outfit. Is it a Bad thing?
Cobalt+White, Plaid Button-down w/ Gingham Print inside: Joe Fresh (JC Penney's) (New).
Off-White Puffer Vest: c/o Bershka (New).
Hazelnut-Brown, Corduroy Pants (come with Skinny Belt): Bershka (New).
Dainty, 2-Stranded Silver Necklace w/ Glass Royal Blue Beads: White House Black Market.
Purple, Square, Multi-Faceted Stud Earrings: Bijoux & Accessories.
Silver, Pave Ring w/ tiny Silver Stones & big Square Ruby in the middle: A Local Boutique.
2-in-1 Silver Ring w/ 2 Silver Circle Stones & 1 Oval Cognac Stone: White House Black Market.
Bronze/Taupe Metallic, Round-Toe Wedge Pumps w/ Buckle Decorations: Andrew Geller (New).

Fun Fact:
As I was uploading my photos onto the computer today, I saw that I have already worn 20 Outfits (through this challenge) so far. F.Y.I. I started the challenge the last week of March IRL. So "technically" I am 2/3rds done. But these 20 Outfits were worn in 16 days. I plan on doing this challenge for a full 30 days, so I have 2 full weeks which means at least 14 more Outfits to create. How am I doing so far, ladies?

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