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A Chic Two-Tier Frock and an Elegant Blazer.

Saturday is here and I spent most of the day cleaning, washing, organizing, folding and such. Then we had lunch consisting of Baked Fish and a lovely Salad. I am amazing when it comes to preparing salads, if I must say so myself =D. We had invited my mother-in-law for lunch and she liked and ate everything. Her husband and her daughter (my sister-in-law) are currently out of town, the first one for work while the second one for a weekend at the beach, so we didn't want to leave his mom alone, that's why we invited her over.

Below I have another dress worn to work, sometime in May. I continue to be super-behind with posting outfits but one day I will catch up. Next week you will have double posts, from current daily outfits as part of my Fashion Challenge and other outfits worn previously, in the last few weeks and days. Anyway, I like this frock and got it for a great deal at one of my new favorite European brands: Koton. The blazer was only worn for the chilly morning ride to…

My First Ever Fashion Challenge. Yeaaaayyyy!!

My First Ever Fashion Challenges starts next week June 11th through the 15th. I will be posting other outfits, besides my 5 Challenge outfits but I am TRULY LOOKING FORWARD to this. I love summertime and summer trends are always fun and funky to do. =)

So make sure to follow my little 5-day journey. I am participating next week in my first ever Fashion Challenge. It is a weekly challenge hosted by Megan and Keely. These two fashionable girls with totally different, yet cool, hip, chic styles have been hosting fun Fashion Challenges for a while now and I am loving this. Now I am off to post an outfit. You Lovelies have A GREAT WEEKEND!!