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Orange Popping Dots.

Hello again on this Friday Evening. I was going to do Friend Friday today and ask some questions for you but I opted out of it, because due to lack of time I must keep this second post of the day, sort of short and sweet. I will answer lots of questions, next week for you guys. ;-)
I leave you below with one of my favorite dresses and the first time around I paired it with a blazer and dark tights. This time I wore a belted cardigan and nude pantyhose with it. I wish you all a lovely Friday Evening and a Great, Fun Saturday!!
Knee-Length, Cowl-Neck, Sleeveless, Orange Sweater Dress:The Limited. 3/4-Sleeved, Ivory & Black Cardigan w/ Integrated Polka Dots: The Limited. Taupe, Python-Print, Skinny Belt: The Limited. Sparkly Black Globe Studs (Post Earrings):Piazza Italia.

Curtsy Pinkalicious.

Well today is Friday, Amen to that. What are your plans for today after work or just relax? What do you have going on this weekend? I am off tomorrow and I hope and pray my husband is off too (he is off every other Saturday or so and of course on Sundays), so we can go to the beach. We live less than an hour away from the Adriatic sea. I hope hubby is off, since he has worked his butt off and has been out of town for work, all week long. I sure miss him. I also missed the sunshine and warm weather. Glad to report that it is almost beach time and warm enough to get some sunrays and perhaps?? a tan.

Anyway, on to the outfit, again picked out from the large archive of never-posted outfits from this Spring. Gosh I am soooo behind. I feel like in this fun, flippy, tweed skirt I should teach you all how to curtsy. I adore this skirt though. I like the way I paired it first time around and I like it now too, paired with two different shades of pink: a soft, blush shade of baby pink in the ca…