Friday, May 17, 2013

Polka Dot Skirt with Argyle and Python on the Bottom.

Skirts Week is back, probably until Tuesday of next week, ladies. Join me if you like! =) Mother's Day went by in a blink. As a matter of fact these last past 4 months have. Tomorrow on Saturday Vivian will be 17 weeks old & then Sunday the 19th she is exactly 4 months. My Baby Girl is growing up. I will miss these days - that I am certain of. I am trying to enjoy her every day, as much as possible. Including getting to dress her up in cute outfits & changing those outfits often, some times as often as 4 times a day. Case in point, this past Mother's Day I switched her twice in the Afternoon/Evening time alone. It was a chilly Sunday so I had to have tights on. I even wore a Jacket on top of my ensemble. As the title suggests I did some real Pattern-mixing from the waist down. The Skirt is Polka-Dotted, the Tights have an Argyle Print & the Flats are Python. I added one Bright Color with my Button-Down that is no longer neglected (I have had it for a lot of years, from Gap) & the Top's Color comes through the Shoes, too. Last but not least I added a pair of Earrings that were purchased the day before My Birthday on May 3rd. Even-though I take photos pretty much daily with my Little Girl, I must say my Most Favorite Photos I have with her so far are from this day. So fitting that Our Best Photos are from Mother's Day. I particularly love all the ones of us, in her 1st Outfit (with the headband). She was Pretty in Baby Pink that day.

Have a Fantastic Weekend!!

I adore those Big, Deep Blueish-Gray Eyes of Vivian. They are Gorgeous.
Purple, Cotton-Knit, Button-down Shirt: Gap.
Black+White, Polka Dot, Pencil Skirt w/ Belt Loops: Forever 21.
Baby Pink, Crystal, Diamond-Shape, Drop Earrings: American Fashion & Jewelry (New).
Black, Argyle-Print Tights: The Limited.
Fuchsia, Orange & Black, Python-Print, Leather Ballet Flats: Nine West.

Vivian's Outfits:
Baby Pink, Velvet Body Suit w/ Peter Pan Collar &  Pearl Buttons: Ralph Lauren.
Pink, Ruffled, Nylon Headband with Hello Kitty: Disney.
Baby Pink Velvety Body Suit w/ Pink & Yellow Kitty Cats: Prenatal.
Pink Cardigan w/ Different Colored, Pastel Buttons: Old Navy.
Hot Pink, Satin, Bow Clip: a Random Boutique.

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