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Please Pray with Me Today as I Grieve Over a Huge Loss!!

Yesterday I took a day off. I was off (from work) and decided to take a day off from everything, except house work. So I did lots of cleaning, got some laundy done, cooked a little bit and towards the evening took a shower. But I took time off from Blogger & Facebook. Today I had planned to post an Outfit Post but in light of the horrible tragedy that happened in Albania (which I found out about less than an hour ago, from Facebook nevertheless) I think I won't do an outfit post. The Fashion World and Style Blogosphere can wait.

Today I express my Deep Sorrow, Extreme Grief, Real Condolences, Huge Sadness and Desperation to the several families who lost their beautiful young daughters. I also wish, hope & pray that the number of victims doesn't inctrease and that all the hospitalized girls make it out OK. My body is filled with shivers and my heart is filled with a huge sense of loss and sadness over what happened. To brief you all a little bit over what happened read …