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Summery Neon Colors for Fall.

A couple of weekends ago, on a Beautiful, Warm Sunday, I dined at a Seafood restaurant with my husband, his parents & my sister in law. We sat on the patio outside and around 3.00-4.30 PM or so, it was warm enough for me, even-though I was wearing real light layers. Since the sun was shining and the day was bright & beautiful, I decided to incorporate all that Sunlight & Happiness in my outfit of choice, too. While I kept my legs simple and dark, I wore a loose Hot Pink Tee over a Bright Lime Green Tank Top and as if that wasn't enough, I added Bright Yellow Loafers, too. My Hoops were also Hot Pink and I opted for a Bright Hot Pink Lipstick, too. I also like the pink line you can see from underneath my fleece jacket. These are definitely bright, summery colors but that worked for an Early November weekend afternoon. =) What do you think? Have you ever worn such bright, Neon Colors for Fall? Is it a Fashion Faux Paux?

Long, Stretchy, Comfortable, Lime Green Tank Top:Mel…