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Thursday Moda #172: Put-Together Mom Athleisure.

You guys I am so tired and sleepy lately. I want to go to bed by 8.30 PM at the latest and sleep for 12 hours straight. Does that happen to you as well?! It could be the change of seasons, the allergies I keep getting on and off, Vivian's change of schedules for school or just being tired from work altogether. No matter what it is, everything else is taking a back-seat. This mama needs some rest. So, lets keep today's Thursday Moda short and sweet and as always thank you for stopping by here and linking up with me every Thursday!
PUT-TOGETHER  MOM  ATHLEISURE. On days where it is warm but there is a breeze out, I tend to wear a short-sleeve blouse or top with a skirt or shorts (outside of work I mean). This way I am not freezing on the shade, inside air-conditioned buildings or if a silly rain just starts pouring, and at the same time I am protecting myself from those pesky musquitos. They seem to be everywhere and they love my blood. I have had this Striped Button-Down Old Navy…