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Recapping 2014: Skirts and Shorts.

Happy New Year 2015 once again! How was the first day of the year for you? Relaxing and enjoying my family and good food was in the menu for me. New Year's is considered the biggest holiday in Albania so I have been off since December 31st and won't go back to work until Monday which is really nice. 

I have been enjoying everyone's end of the year reviews and their posts where they have looked back at 2014 and recapped their favorite looks of the past year.Did you do an end-of-the-year Review? I want to see it if so. I thought about skipping this type of post this year, since I usually do monthly recaps where I focus on the past month and also tell you my top 3 favorite looks of that month (plus more) and usually include a least favorite look as well. Due to these posts being very time-consuming and since I started working full-time (on top of blogging, teaching part-time, being a mom and a wife) I haven't done my monthly reviews since August, but you can find the rest …