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Golden Globes' Blah in Black - Worst Dressed.

I really liked the "Bold, Black and Beautiful" dress theme at this year's Golden Globes Awards after the "Me Too" movement. The idea behind it was to celebrate feminism, girl power and female equality. Black is sexy. Black is classic. Black is bold. Black is beautiful. Black is edgy. Black is classy. Black is anything but boring. Every one can wear black and make it work because you can do so much with black. Everyone can rock black. Right? Right?! Well actually it is not. There were far too many badly-dressed women at this year's 75th Golden Globes Awards. I was actually kind of shocked and disappointed. I posted about Golden Globes' Best Dressed a few days ago. But today here is a recap of some of the Worst Dressed at the 2018 Golden Globes (and I didn't even count the men lol).
THE  WORST  DRESSED   OF  THEM  ALL. Blanca Blanco. By far the worst dressed of the night was Blanca Blanco. Clearly she didn't follow the dress code and wore her favorit…