Friday, August 30, 2013

Flashback Friday: Blue Tops.

I have been wearing lots of Blue this week, and it wasn't planned. It just happened that way. Since it has been 2.5 months since I did this feature, I decided to bring you some looks from the past today, featuring Blue Tops. 2 of them are Simple, Casual, Girly Looks featuring Short Skirts, while the other 2 Looks feature Royal Blue Blouses paired with Pants, both of each are around the Holiday season, albeit during different years. What I am noticing from these 4 Outfits, I didn't wear a lot of Jewelry then, at least in these 4 particular Outfits I haven't. That is kind of strange because I have always owned and worn a lot of Jewelry. And what I like about this feature is looking back at Fashions from the past, brands I wore (most of which I still wear) and all the Hair Colors & Styles I have kept. What do you think? Which of these 4 looks do you like most? Let me know. =)

Wishing you all a Fantastic, Super Fun Labor Day Weekend!!

Light Blue/Turquoise, Ruffled, Cotton Tank Top: Express.
Lavender/Green, Small Floral Printed, Stretchy Poplin Mini Skirt: American Eagle.
Dainty, Gold Chain Necklace w/ Real Diamond Heart Pendant: Lord & Taylor.
Silver, Patent Leather, Lace-Up, Gladiator Sandals: Wet Seal.
When: June 2009.
Where: In front of our Apartment in Michigan, before a Lunch Date with Hubby.

Royal Blue, Silk, Military-Style, Button-Down Shirt w/ Rolled Sleeves: Express.
Dark Blue "Dirt Wash", Boot-cut Jeans: Express.
Chocolate Brown, Ruched, Flat Boots: DSW.
When: December 2009, around Christmas time.
Where: Our Home in Michigan, (not the apartment, we moved to a House in August).

Turquoise, Silk, Tulle-Trimmed, Girly Camisole: Wet Seal.
Mint, Flirty, Blue Floral, Chiffon Skirt w/ Ruffled Hem: The Limited.
Silver Necklace w/ Baby Blue, Pyramid, Rhinestones hanging: Express.
Turquoise, Cobalt, Green & Yellow, Stripped, Bow, Slide Sandals: Mervyn's California.
When: August 2007 (I had just cut my hair).
Where: Our Apartment's Balcony in Michigan (before going out for Dinner & Drinks with Husband & Friends).

Royal Blue, Silk, Wrap-style, Long-Sleeve Blouse: The Limited.
Black Satin, Dressy, Boot-cut Pants: Old Navy.
Olive Green, Pointy Toe, Wedge Boots w/Studs on the Wedge: Purchased in Albania.
When: January 2008.
Where: Our Apartment's Living Room in Michigan (before going for a Girls Nights Out with a couple of Friends).

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pinned it and Did it: Bright Green Skinny Jeans.

Last week my Good Blogging Buddy HEATHER of H&K Style Journey announced that she was doing a link-up based on Inspirations found on Pinterest. I like this link because first of all is different from what everyone else is doing. Secondly, I have been meaning to Style My Closet after Looks I love that I can repeat with pieces already in my closet. But this Link-up doesn't just extend to Fashion & Style Looks. One can pin a recipe, an interior design or even a DYI they did. Hopefully, I can get my creative juices going stronger and stronger each week and design something of my own. For this 'first attempt' you get an Outfit.

My first "Pinned it and Did it" Look comes from Heather herself. I am not shocked, since we have similar styles. I styled My New Bright Green Jeans from Old Navy, for the first time ever based on this Outfit. Heather even showed off several other ways she has worn her Bright Green Skinny Jeans. I cannot wait to do a lot more Combinations with these Jeans. But for my first time wearing them (I wore them today so I get double points for posting an actual Outfit of the Day), I think I did a Good Job. Heather's Top is more of a Navy and mine is between a Dark Navy & Off-Black. Her Top has Sleeves and mine is Sleeveless, but they both have a Small White Print. Just like with Yesterday's Cobalt Dress, the Shell/Tank has a Small, White Floral Print. It is quite Girly too with the Cascading Ruffles. The Kelly Green Skinny Jeans, the Gold Ballet Flats, the Silver Hoop Earrings and even the Bright Lipstick (Heather's is more like a Cherry Red and mine is more of a Berry Red) are pretty much identical. So what do you think of My Outfit? Did I nail the Look? What has inspired you lately? Have you worn an Outfit you have found on Pinterest lately? Let me know. All your honest opinions & constructive criticism is welcome. =)

Also, stay tuned next week because I got not one but two Special things coming up on this Blog. So hopefully I am getting you as Excited as I am. And, I just noticed that so far this week, I have done/worn a lot of Blue. I figured I won't ruin the Beautiful Blue streak and wear more Blue tomorrow, on this Blog. Stay tuned. =)

In this Picture, we are even posing alike. ;-)
Dark Navy Silk Shell w/ a Small White Floral Print & Cascading Ruffles on the Front: White House Black Market. 
Bright, Kelly Green, "Rock Star", Skinny Jeans: Old Navy (New).
Silver Chain, Dainty Necklace w/ Pear-shaped, Sparkly Stone, Fireball: White House Black Market.
Silver, Flat, Medium Hoops: White House Black Market.
Gold, Soft Leather Ballet Flats w/ Skinny Bows: Gap (New).

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blue-tiful for a Wedding! And Vivian has Pigtails!

I have been meaning, wanting, trying to get an Outfit Post today but once again the day slipped by me so fast and before I know it, it's midnight. I even had the perfect Outfit for Laura's & Erin's Cobalt Week to link, since yesterday. But it is almost Thursday so once again I have to be a late bird rather than an early one. =) I apologize. And I want to Thank ahead all of you who take your time to check out My Blog, Read what I write, check out my Outfits, Comment, Show Your Love & Support Me 100%. Thanks Bunches!!

A couple of weekends ago, I was invited to My First Wedding for this year. The couple decided the Wedding date, only this May. It was a Backyard/Garden Wedding and the Dress Code was "Casual but Chic BBQ". Yes, that is exactly what it said on the invitation. It was a small wedding, about 70 people altogether and the Bride looked so pretty in her One-Shoulder, Empire-Waist, Off-White Dress & Coral Sandals. The 5 Bridesmaids were alternating between Strapless Coral Dresses & Strapless Floral Dresses with Coral/Blue/Yellow Flowers. The Bride had ordered them off of the J.Crew Website. The Bridal Party looked Beautiful. The Bride is a former Co-Worker of mine that we became Good Friends. She is a little camera-shy though and I promised I wouldn't leak any of her photos in any social media websites. And the only photos of me by myself, showing what I wore, were taken by my Mom prior to the Wedding. She stayed with the baby for about 3 hours (that was the entire time I stayed there).

I decided to wear my Newest Dress from Old Navy which I got on Clearance for less than 50% OFF. I love this shade of Cobalt between a Royal Blue & a Periwinkle. I also love the Small White Print on the Dress. It looks like Polka Dots but it is this funky Swirly thing, almost like a flower. I wore Simple but Noticeable Jewelry and since we would be on someone's backyard of a home, I opted for Flats rather than Heels. My New, Gold Ballet Flats from Gap are Pretty & Dressy enough however (I spent about 10 bucks on them and they are Real Leather). I let my hair down literally and for the first time ever since having the baby, I went out by myself (this does not include grocery shopping). I was definitely one of the dressiest people there. I saw at least 10 people in Jeans - Ladies & Gents. I also saw some in Capris. Sorry but Jeans & Cropped Pants don't cut it for me, even on a more Casual Wedding Environment. Am I right or am I right? What would you wear to a Small, Garden Wedding? Did I look good for the occasion? How do you like the look? Do you prefer it with or without the Hat? (BTW: The Hat was on my head most of the time too. It was definitely humid and for about 20 minutes it drizzled, too.)

Cobalt Blue, Light Dress w/ a Tiny White Print featuring Braided Halter Straps: Old Navy (New).
Long Chain, Gold Necklace w/ Circle Turquoise & Gold Decorations: The Limited.
Baby Blue, Drop, Pearl Earrings: Forever 21.
Cobalt Blue Plastic Bangle: Forever 21.
Real Gold Chain Bracelet: Gifted.
Black, Silk Headband w/ Teardrop-Shaped, Black, Crystal Beads: Ann Taylor.
Nude, Straw Hat w/ Brown Wooden Beads & Skinny Bow-tie on the Back: Wet Seal.
Yellow & Cognac, Rectangle, Soft Leather Purse: Payless.
Gold, Soft Leather Ballet Flats w/ Skinny Bows: Gap (New).

Also, I had to share a coupld of pictures from Vivian from yesterday. Yes, she has lots of hair and it gets longer and longer. Though this is not the first time I have done a ponytail on her, this is the first time I did not one but two ponytails or pigtails on her. And she looks so Darn Cute!! What do you think? Also, like Mommy she is wearing Blue though her Top is more of a Turquoise. =) Enjoy these Photos.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Neon Splashes and Pattern Mixing.

Every time my mom has the day off - like she did today - I have a harder time getting a post in. Helping her with house stuff and spending time with her is important to me. On top of that, we usually do things together when she is off: like we go shopping, cooking, visiting relatives or having people/relatives over as we did today. Now, we are off to having lunch. I have got Vivian on my lap & trying to squeeze a post in. Speaking of Vivian, she got her first tooth yesterday. I guess it was bothering her so much that she also bit her tongue a little bit & it bled.

Anyway, here is an Outfit where pops of Neon come through from both the Polka Dots of the Skirt and the Watercolor/Tie Dye pattern of the Tank Top. Which means, I also mixed patterns. I think when you mix patterns, they work out best if they are in the same color family, don't you think? I tucked in the Tank since my Skirt is a Mini but the Tank has the very Popular Hi-Lo Hemline, so next time I will wear it untucked. I brought out the Turquoise of the Outfit through the Sandals and the Greens through the Jewelry. I love Greens & Blues and especially worn together they are such Pretty, Happy Summer Colors. Do you like Blues & Greens? Do you wear them often? How do you feel about Watercolor Patterns?

Watercolor, Tie-Dye, Blue/Green/Yellow, Silky Tank-Top: The Limited.
Black Mini Skirt w/ Different Sized Yellow, Cobalt & Green Polka Dots: Express.
Lime Green, Pear-Shaped, Glass Beaded Necklace + Matching, Dangly Earrings: Beadz & Bagz.
Turquoise, Peep-Toe, Eyelet Sandals: Simple Shoes (New).

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Baby Blue and More Shorts.

Powder Blue, Pale Blue or Baby Blue is not a Color I wear often, to be honest with you. Nor do I own a lot of it, actually. But lately I have two outfits where I alternated Powder Blue between the Bottom & the Top. First I am showing you a Pair of Shorts & then a simple Tank Top, also worn with Shorts. And, coincidentally I wore Jelly Sandals with both of these Outfits. Do you like Jelly Shoes for Summertime? Let me know what you think? Do you wear Baby Plue or Powder Blue often? Is it a Color you like?

In the first Outfit, I am doing color-blocking once again, pairing 2 colors I have never tried before but that I think they somehow worked together. The Mustard Tee makes the very Light Blue Shorts, less pale and it pops. And this Tee has Pockets, which I love. I added a Long Necklace and I was good to go for this Hot Summer day. The last time I wore these Shorts, I did White on top.

Lemon-Mustard, Long, Crew-neck Tee w/ Pockets: Martin & Osa.
Pale Baby Blue, Cotton Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch.
Silver Chain &White, Sea Pearl, Long Beaded Necklace: The Limited.
Electric Blue, Jelly Sandals w/ Neon Circle Decorations: Simple Shoes (New).

In this second outfit, I am wearing my Cobalt Blue, Printed Shorts with a Pale Blue, Ribbed Tank from Express. I wore these Shorts for a remix challenge, back in July. This time, I added the Teal Cardigan for the cooler evening and to keep my arms away from mosquito bites. I have done the combination of Shorts & Tank Tops a lot this Summer, since I am now a Stay-at-Home Mom. This is a great Outfit for super hot Summer Days. I also tend to wear less Jewelry when it is really Hot, like I have only opted for Necklaces with both of these Outfits. This Outfit gets some Girly element between the Bows through my Sash Belt & my Thong Sandals. For more, just look under the label "Tank Tops" to see more ways I have paired my Shorts with Tank Tops, this Summer. =)
Pale Baby Blue, Ribbed, V-Neck Tank Top w/ Lace Trim: Express.
Teal, Light, Cotton, Flyaway Cardigan: JC Penney's.
Cobalt+White, Floral Shorts w/ Cobalt Blue Bow, Sash Belt: Express.
Fuchsia, Plastic Beaded Necklace w/ Royal Blue Star Beads: Ruum.
Bright Pink, Plastic, Jelly, Bow Sandals: DSW.

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