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Pinned it and Did it: Olive Crops & Ivory, Lace Top.

This is the second week I am linking up with Heather for "Pinned it and Did it" and once again having fun with the challenge. This week I am taking inspiration from Inge of THIS EVER EVOLVING LIFE whose Simple, Chic, Put Together & very Relatable Style I love. When I first spotted her nice Olive Green Cropped Pants, I inquired about them and she was kind enough to E-Mail me about them. I wanted them badly. But then again, I knew I had some Cropped Olive Pants somewhere in my closet. As a matter of fact I have 2 pairs. Though my Olive Crops are more Casual, I still think I dressed them up and was able to copy this Back-to-School Look of hers that she wore for starting back her teaching job. I loved the look so much and in my mind I knew of the exact pieces that I could 'copy' this. I like how this Outfit came out. My Lace Top is a little different patterned than hers, it is sort of a mesh with Large Polka Dots. That still qualifies as Lace and I have more Lace pe…