Wednesday, April 16, 2014

15 of 30: Pale Tops with Black Bottoms. And Food Talk.

Oh Hi. Like I mentioned yesterday, we have had some real cold days here lately - today being the coldest. So, I have been home all day in my Adidas track pants with a tee and cardigan cooking Fried Foods such as fried baked potatoes, fried zucchini and fried Asiago cheese - it is the best, you should try it - with some pita bread and some English Breakfast tea. Let me know if you'd be interested in some easy cooking recipes because easy and simple are the foods I make and come out delish (usually). For dessert I had cookies with milk - don't judge! - but I didn't bake those. A baker I am NOT. You can teach me how though lol. Because when it is cold and rainy and I am feeling under the weather on top of that, comfort food is the best. Oh and here is an Outfit. We are on #15 already! Half-way there... almost! I say almost because I will probably have more than 30 Outfits put together.
Pros: Simple, Easy, Casual but Put-together. You cannot go wrong with Black Jeans and a Light Chambray.
Cons: A very Safe Outfit, not the most Creative. Maybe too simple, but the Belt adds Interest and makes it a little more Tailored.
Oatmeal-Gold, Flyaway Cardigan w/ Long Collar: White House Black Market.
Light Chambray Button-Down Shirt w/ Chest Pockets: Meijer's.
Black Skinny Jeans: Sublevel (New).
Ivory Circle Stud Earrings w/ Coral Polka Dots: A Local Accessories Boutique.
Light Grayish-Taupe Wide Belt w/ Gold Plate: Comes with a Dress.
Black, Suede Oxford Shoes: Forever 21.