Monday, September 3, 2018

The Blended Blog Asks, September - How Do You Cozy?

I hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend you all. The Michigan State Fair filled with lots of fun games, rides, toys, face painting and fun fast food was here this weekend and I took Vivian there on Friday. It is a good thing we didn't chose to go Saturday, Sunday or today because the temps were definitely not cooperating and it rained on and off all day. Actually, it poured for hours earlier today and driving in the rain was brutal let me tell you. The rain was crazy. Moving on, since crispy air and cooler temps are around the corner, I like how this month's prompts for "The Blended Blog Asks" series are all about "How Do We Cozy!" We are talking warm drinks, blankets and slippers. Come see my answers. =)

1. Yes, yes, yes. Most definitely Slippers. Most definitely at home, especially October thru April. 

2. For me it is a very soft plush blanket. They are the softest and feel the best, especially when they are brand-new. Chenille and soft knitted wool make great materials for blankets too. And I love those kind of blankets as well. But give me a soft, plush, fur-looking throw and I am in heaven. 

3. I would say in between. Neither thin or thick pillows are very comfortable to me and definitely don't feel comfortable to my neck. Thin pillows is like sleeping on nothing and a thick pillow feels too bulky for my neck and head and can cause me a headache, too. 

4. Always coffee which is my downfall, but come Autumn I am all about a good cup of hot tea. Earl Gray is one of my most favorites but I am willing to try and in general I like any type of hot tea. 

5. Robe?! Yes. They are comfortable, especially plush robes.

6. If it is comfort food than I'd say cheese sticks or mozzarella sticks dipped in marinara sauce. They are the perfect little appetizers. I also love cheese bread sticks. Both are what I would consider comfort food. But in general for a snack I will take a fruit or vegetable, anytime, such as cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, apples, avocado, pineapple, bananas, peaches and watermelon.

7. Definitely TV series binge. Lately I found this cute little Netflix show titled "Life Sentence" and I am almost all the way through with season 1. It is such a cute show. Some great actors too. I just love Lucy Hale.

8. Yes, I like and wear both but I wear more leggings and I find them more comfortable to wear, not just inside the house but outside of home, too. I wear more leggings for sure. The comfiest ones are cotton stretch or ponte stretch ones. Leggings have to have some stretch to them to feel the comfiest!

9. Oh on a couch, of course. How can you really relax on a chair?!

10. Hoodie or sweatshirts for relaxing at home. Sweaters and sometimes sweatshirts for cozying up outside. But of course if it is over 65 degrees, a t-shirt is perfect as a cozy top, also. 

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