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Royal Blue and Gray Colorblocking.

Good Morning. It is a very early morning here for me. It is 5 minutes after 5.00 AM and I woke up about half an hour ago (to pee & drink some water) and I am sort of sleepeless, even-though I only went to bed at 1.00 AM. I swear since I have been home on my Maternity Break, I have slept a lot less, like usually about 6 hours a night, maybe once a week I have gotten 8 or 9 hours. Arghhh that sucks. As expecting a baby in a week or two, or three at the most, I know I have to relax and get as much sleep as possible. Granted, after a little time online I will go back to bed, but still... =( So while fighting Insmonia I figured I should get in an early post today. I still have some outfits from December 2012 and some from early January 2013 to share, and my tree was still up until yesterday so you will see my festive decorations for a few more outfits. Sorry! LOL

This sweater was added to my closet around October or so. I wore it once more (for a casual lunch date with hubby) but didn&…

Pregnancy Photos - Part One.

Here is the first part of our Photo-Shoot. In all, over 350 photos were taken in 3 different locations (including some inside). It was chilly that day, but not as cold as it was the next day or two. There was also a lot of walking that day. I walked a lot by the park, the forest, and later into the city. We walked upward and downward, so for a 9-month pregnant lady that was a lot of physical activity. I was telling my husband that was my (big) workout for the day. Plus some photos I was sitting, a bunch I was standing. And you know bending and sitting is challenging when you are 36 weeks pregnant. I was at a full 36 weeks when the photos were taken. They were taken on Sunday January 6th 2013.

Our amazing young photographer (she is only 24 but already very talented) suggested Pastel/Lighter Colors for us, especially for me, since I am brunette. I kept my black Pants the same but switched tops twice. These Pink Tops are not very Pastel but not too Bright either, so they worked. Plus I k…