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Currently, July 2018.

After a horrible May full of challenges and changes, June turned out much better - Thank God. And thank you to those of you who have prayed for me, too, I appreciate it so much! It was a pretty hot month for the most part, though we had about 10 cooler days and also a lot of rain, which is great for all those flowers we planted and for our grass. After a shopping freeze for two months I did a little (OK a lot lol) of shopping in June. Target and Loft always get me, guys. Plus I had to use their sale days. Needless to say I need nothing this Summer as I stocked up in dresses, skirts, swimsuits, tanks and tees for Summer for both Vivian and I. But what I need (still) is a pair of denim cutoff shorts. The search is on and I want to get a pair before our vacation on July 26th. I hear great things about American Eagle's and Abercrombie's Denim Shorts?! Thoughts, ladies?! Anyway, Anne is back with her monthly Currently Linkup. Here I am with yet another currently post for July 2018.…