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Turqouise, Red and Statement Necklace.

Well hello there. It is almost Friday, you excited for the weekend to come or is it going to be a real busy weekend for you with Christmas Shopping, Decorating, Wrapping, running errands and such? I hope that even if any of you have to struggle through the crowded malls and do some shopping & wrapping, it all goes smoothly and that you bring your Happy Christmas Spirit with you, because retail can really be a Bitch this time of the year, can't it? LOL

Anyway, I am pairing Turquoise and Red today - a color combination I love so much, expecially come Summer Time. As a matter of fact this Loose, Silk Blouse is definitely summery. I paired it with this multi-colored, stripped cardigan which was a perfect match. I added a funky beaded necklace, that features a cool Cameo inside. It looks antique but it is from Forever 21. My comfortable Gray Maternity Trousers and a little bit more Red through my loafers. =)

Turquoise, Cobalt, White & Red Stripped Cardigan:Gruppo Fiori. Turquoise…

Taupe or Gray?

I feel like I haven't posted a New Outfit in a long while LOL. I meant to post one yesterday but time went by so fast both at work & at home. It was a busy day for sure. But I loved being busy and the evening part was the best because I got to spend some quality time with my husband at home. We had dinner & then watched a movie ("Blindness" - which was weird to say the least LOL). I cooked some omelettes for us, using feta cheese, a little bit of milk & prosciutto. Those eggs were so yummy & soft, we both loved them. And the fresh loaf of bread we bought was perfect too. I could eat the whole loaf by myself with nothing else on it. Albania is known for their culinary, fresh, healthy breads. It is a Mediterranean country after all. And speaking of Food, it seems like most of you liked my first Food/Recipe post yesterday and it got good responses so I have to write some of those, soon, again. Like I said I was short in time yesterday. I had prepared that p…