Friday, June 2, 2017

Currently, June 2017.

Happy June you all! I cannot believe we are almost half-way through with 2017. May was a fast one! Where is this year going?! As always every month I am linking up with life+style blogger Anne In Residence for her monthly 'Currently' linkup which goes live the first Wednesday of each month.

planning: a week long Summer vacation (hopefully). I hope and pray my parents and us can take our vacation days during the same week so we can all go to vacation by a beach like we have done in the past two years. Vivian would love that too. She is so fond of her grandparents and loves spending a lot of time with them.

wishing: see above. I am wishing and hoping for a lovely vacation, soon. Like in July.

learning: new things from my daughter every day. Vivian's imagination is so vivid, fun and funny. She amazes me every day with stories she makes up, all the new words she learns everyday and everything else her little brain and imagination can think of or dream up. She is so sassy, very talkative and quite funny. She makes me laugh so much each day, my Vivian. 

browsing: at this very moment I am browsing Instagram stories. I am addicted to Insta stories you guys. It is my late night routine before going to bed. I don't have Snapchat yet but I bet if I had it, I would be just as addicted, especially with all the fun filters. By the way I post often on Insta Stories too so make sure you follow me. Thanks.

going: perhaps this weekend I am going to visit my cousin Gloria (she is my mom's sister's daughter and is like a little sister to me). We have been meaning to visit them since they have had so many great things happening to them (her and her husband) lately so a celebratory get-together is in the cards very soon.

As usual with these posts I like to recap outfits I have worn around this time and blogged about, in the previous years. I am about to start a 30 remix or a capsule wardrobe on the blog very soon (on Monday June 5th) and as I was looking through my blog's archives, I remembered that I did a remix on the Spring of 2014 - three years ago. From 2014, I chose to look back at three looks that are French-inspired, because A] I noticed that  I had several Parisian-inspired looks back then, in May 2014; and B] I decided to focus on these French-themed outfits in this post today because next week for my first week of my capsule wardrobe, I have not one but three French-themed outfits planned to go live. So stay tuned for next week's posts on Wednesday and Thursday (on my linkup day) to see those Classic French looks. =)

Let's start off with a remix post since I am starting an entire month of remixing my closet here on Elegance and Mommyhood, and on Mondays I will always do a Daytime look and a Nighttime look or a Mom Wear (Casual) Outfit and a Work Wear (Office) look. Four years ago I showed off these acid-wash jeans. The casual look pairs the jeans with a bright colorblocked tee, long necklace, neon beaded bracelets and royal blue jelly sandals with neon-colored circle stones. But my favorite was the evening look. The nude cork peep-toe pumps and golden metallic clutch matched well together and I loved that my mint tunic had little leopards all over. Perfect for date night.

three years ago

A little Parisian-Inspired Outfit which is perfect for the office. This type of outfit would fly at most offices despite me wearing a graphic tee and skinny black jeans. That is because I added an elegant blazer over the tee (which ultimately dressed up the jeans, too) and the black jeans are not distressed or in a light wash, they look like black cigarette pants. I love that the writing on my tee is in gold and the "Love" purse adds to the French appeal. Love this look and I wish I had that graphic tee and striped blazer, here in USA still.

Another Parisian-inspired look with a little ruffly pinstriped blouse in monochromatic blue (almost head to toe) and again pops of gold. If your job allowed you mini skirts or you work in a business casual or pretty casual job environment, this outfit would even be appropriate for work, especially on a Friday. The little gold buttons on the skirt, the shades of blue and the boat shoes (loafers) make this outfit perfectly nautical too. And look I was wearing rose quartz (loafers) and serenity (blouse) two years before they were the 'IT' colors of the year chosen by Pantone.

My last Parisian-inspired look features a black+white striped pleated skirt and a blush pink cropped cardigan. Stripes are definitely a theme when it comes to being inspired by the French style, so are pleated skirts and so are nude heels or nude pumps and this outfit hits all these three French-like elements. This is a fun girly outfit and a little sexy too showing off some leg. I remember wearing it for a dinner date with my husband.
Last but not least this was a fun post because it was a professional Easter photo-shoot (as you can see from the second photo, right above), that I had with my little girl exactly on Easter day. These were exactly our outfits for Easter 2015 (our photo-shoot was right after church) which fell late that year and it was warm but chilly enough to wear a jacket or light coat. I love that I chose a bright fuchsia dress but layered it over a pastel patterned blouse and those turquoise loafers are some of my most favorite flats I have ever owned and worn. I have to mention too that I had just cut and colored my hair that morning so yeay for a great hair day. My hair looks silky smooth, shiny and beautiful in these photos.

What do you guys have planned this June?! Anything exciting or any vacation happening in your lives?!