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Currently, June 2017.

Happy June you all! I cannot believe we are almost half-way through with 2017. May was a fast one! Where is this year going?! As always every month I am linking up with life+style blogger Anne In Residence for her monthly 'Currently' linkup which goes live the first Wednesday of each month.

planning:a week long Summer vacation (hopefully). I hope and pray my parents and us can take our vacation days during the same week so we can all go to vacation by a beach like we have done in the past two years. Vivian would love that too. She is so fond of her grandparents and loves spending a lot of time with them.

wishing:see above. I am wishing and hoping for a lovely vacation, soon. Like in July.

learning:new things from my daughter every day. Vivian's imagination is so vivid, fun and funny. She amazes me every day with stories she makes up, all the new words she learns everyday and everything else her little brain and imagination can think of or dream up. She is so sassy, very talka…